Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All the way home!

I am home home home all the way home. Sitting in my living room on my computer with all of my own working fingers and toes! I am so happy right now! I come home and there are balloons in the car, chalk on the driveway and streamers in my room. I felt like I had just won a beauty contest or saved the world or something really really important! I almost feel guilty for feeling so good. When I lay down in my comfy bed I feel bad for every single person in the hospital who has to lay in those horrid beds! I am still in shock that one week ago I was packing to go to San Fransisco and now one week later I am sitting at home in my own living room without an orange in my head! Man it is a miracle. I kinda feel like every single thing that has happened since May 14, 2010 has been a miracle. I feel like a walking miracle. It still blows my mind how many million things could have gone wrong. I was so scared laying there when they were putting all my IV's in. I was so scared that I would wake up, not me. I was scared that something would go wrong. As far as we know, everything has gone right. We hopefully get the pathology report tomorrow and that will have more information but the most important thing is, my Dr. Berger got the whole tumor! The whole orange! My MRI came back looking great and I am tumorless! Hopefully I never ever have to get another brain surgery. Never. I do have numbing on my left side that comes and goes but that is my only noticeable side effect so far and they say that it can even go away with time! Hey, I will take the numbing...I walk, talk, eat, drink, laugh, smell, taste, sleep, dream, move on my own! I am so blessed. I am so so so blessed. I am overwhelmed over and over again with all my blessings and really 90% of all the tears I have cried since surgery have been tears of complete gratitude and happiness. I am so grateful for this experience and the greatest thing in my mind is that it is not over. Everyday, every hour I learn something new. ( I have a lot of extra room in my brain I should get smarter and wiser....I should :) ) I am excited for tomorrow because it is one more day along my path of RECOVERY! No more pre-surgery! We are on the other side of the hill now and yes, the grass is much much greener over here. It is so much easier to sleep knowing that surgery is over. It is easier to laugh and smile and more than anything, it is easier to say "everything is going to be okay". Ya, I said it all the time before surgery. I wanted so bad to have a good attitude and be positive before the surgery. I was positive and everything but I was plenty scared as well. My dad asked me if my posts always matched my feelings. Of course not! It is not possible to describe how I was feeling on a blog or anywhere for that matter. I just knew that this blog had to be my happy place so I was only going to write all my happy thoughts here. The best part is, this blog probably represents about 1/116 of my happy thoughts. 

I am home!

I love it here!

I am happy healthy and tumorless and I believe and am thankful for miracles 

I am getting married this summer!!!! Joshua is the greatest thing this world has ever seen! Poor thing had to spend a whole week in a crazy city with the Schlappi's! I am now convinced that he can do anything! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It is a great day to be alive

Thank you for everything 

Tara Lynn

(oh and pictures from Mom's camera will most likely come tomorrow or later tonight! Muir Woods was amazing! )


Sarah Beck said...

So glad you are home and everything is well!!! Can't wait to get your wedding announcement and see that beautiful smile of yours!

Avon said...

Welcome Home Tara!! I have been checking your blog all day and am so glad you are all home safe. You are awesome :)

Gpa and Gma Adams said...

Welcome Home Schlappi Family! It'a Modern Day Miracle, who say's they dont happen? We know they do you are living walking proof. We love you!

Tatem said...

i am so glad you are home and i hoped you liked your welcome sign in your front yard. call me when ever you want to chat!

Heidi said...

Welcome back!!! I agree, you are totally a walking miracle and we are so grateful for that!!

Jeriann said...

Sooooooo happy to hear that everything went well. When we saw you and Josh last week we were absolutely inspired by your strength, faith, attitude, peace. Soooooo happy for you!

doodlekat said...

WELCOME HOMEEEEEE XXXXXXOOOOXXXX hurry up & let me come see you :)) BIO108 is no !! fun without you, goofy Tara! i'm so so so happy you're home and it's all over and done with.... i was worried and scared all is OK again: YAY!!!! love ya + big hugs, Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home miss Tara Lynn!!!! We are so happy for you :) thank you so much for your unbelievable strength and incredible attitude. you are such a beautiful example for me to follow. I love you!

xoxo makall