Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pictures :)

These are just a few pictures from Saturday. We have not gathered all the cameras or picked up the pictures from our professional photographer so I will post more when we get them all collected. 
These are my best friends! They are the people who have helped shape me into who I am today. I don't know where I would be without them. I love you guys! You're next!
I have been dreaming about this white carriage since I first met Daryl Hatch. He told me that if I learned his favorite song on the piano that he would come and pick me up on the day of my wedding. So years ago I learned and memorized The Entertainer on the piano and played it for him. Saturday he put the "temple shoes" on the horses and came to pick us up just like a fairy tale. I told you all I really did have a fairy tale wedding
My favorite picture so far!
*** if you click on the picture it will come up on another screen bigger and trust me you have to see it bigger!

Well there is a little preview of what's to come. Life is amazing and today is another day med free! Yesterday I went swimming for the first time! it felt so good to be in the water. I decided not to wear sunscreen because the doctors told me that I have to wear a ton once I start my treatment so I am I little burned. I just got off the phone with my amazing mother-in-law and we are going to the lake! :) More sun! Maybe I will wear sunscreen this time. I don't think I can quite wakeboard yet which is kinda sad but at least I can enjoy the boat and being outside in this beautiful world. I have to really count all the goods instead of the bads. (especially when I eat) I am just glad that I can eat and that I have food to eat. Not everyone is that lucky. Who really cares what it tastes like right? I am alive and happy and that's all that matters! Have a wonderful Saturday and remember to smile. It really is amazing what a smile can do. I cannot not smile when someone is smiling at me and smiling makes everything better. So make someones day better and smile at them.

Tara Bodrero


Leserlee said...

Oh.My.Goodness. You were so right about having to see that picture larger. It is amazing. The colors, the compostition, everything. I love it! I'm so glad you got to have your fairytale. I can't wait to see pictures from the reception!

rachel schlappi said...

I changed your title for you... slacker!
kidding, i love you and am SO happy that you get to go to the lake! have fun!!

Emily Lynn said...

Loved loved loved!! Put more pictures up!!!! I am so glad I got to see you today :) You are beautiful and seriously you two look so happy together!! I am home for ten days so I am sure I will see more of your face! I hope I do!!!!

p.s I watched your cute Josh today in sacrament (I was behind you so it was easy to watch) with the baby and it was precious. He will be a great dad :)