Wednesday, June 30, 2010

62 staples

Well today marks my one week mark and i hold in my little hand 62 staples that is about become 61. I now offically have 61 weeks of treatment left and I am rather thrilled about that thought. Radiation was not horrible today but I had to keep the mask on for a really long time. I came out with squares all over my head but then I got to see Dr. B which made me happy because he is a good doctor who explains everything. It is amazing what difference a good doctor can make. He knows how to answer questions in..really human terms. We have no idea what is happening and half the time the doctors treat us like we are pros at this stuff. I ate good today even though I am losing the desire to. All my muscles have turned to jello but I made it up the stairs today...only cause someone was walking behind me and I didn't want to look like an idiot. Well I would love to post more but I am too excited to take a staple out and mark my one week mark. 2 weeks til the hair starts falling out. It is doing well so far and the itchyness isn't as bad as yesterday. Keep the prayers

Love ya all

Tara Bodrero

oh and my doctor said that i am not crazy or hallucinating with the blue lights and burning flesh smell. He said about 1 in 20 can smell the smell and 1 in 20 see the lights. I guess i am just special cause I can do both. he said that the smell won't burn my nose (I was worried about that and was holding my breath) and the lights won't burn my eyes either and I can only see them when the radiation is at a certain angle. They are so bright that I can pretyt much see them when my eyes are closed...I feel like I have special powers! :)


Makay said...

I am praying. :)

You are an inspiration love. Keep pushing through.


doodlekat said...

hi sweet Tara! sorry i haven't written to you in a while, biology class & my migraines have kept me real busy :) BUT i have been reading up on your progress -you're SO wonderfully brave and smiley!
YAY, you have a looong weekend !!!!! that warm brownie, ice cream and chocolate sauce sounds delicious: enjoy it and post a pic ....hehe
funny thing about your green smoothies: i've been drinking them forever & love 'em! if you get stuck with no greens at home "naked juice co." makes "green machine" a real good blend of fruit & boosts, all natural NO safeway, sprouts, whole foods
i'm good with natural, raw and healthy foods [non-processed, organic, grass-fed etc.] so if you need help with ANYTHING, like where to buy or recipes or stuff like that.....just ask !!!
i still have a wedding present to give you :) it's waiting to be opened!
tons of love and hugs
blessed be
bobbie of The tribe of Trouble