Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Where would I be without my dad? Well I could start listing things or I could just cut to the point...probably dead. Okay I would most definitely be dead but that would have happened a long time ago.My dad has always taken care of me.Josh told me today he could tell how much I love my Dad. Probably because I talk about him non stop. My dad really is one of my heroes. My sister gave a really good talk in church today and I wish I could jut copy it in here and then add to it but I don't think I can. One thing she mentioned was going to the dump. Now if you know the Schlappi's you know we are a very "do it yourself" kinda people. Yard crew?...out of the question! Yes we have a ton of bushes and palm trees and grass and rocks and a garden (a rather large garden) and flowers and really...everything you can think of. Saturday's Work always consists of someone mowing with the big mower, someone with the small mower and someone with the weed whacker. Well lately there have been less in the home so we try to consolidate the big and little mowers or sometimes...I really hate when this happens...the weed whacker turns into the small mower. Sorry only my siblings may understand that last sentence. My dad takes Labor Day quite fact I used to wonder if it was his favorite holiday. We really do LABOR the whole DAY! Usually we fill up the whole trailer and overflow the truck bed with trimmings and then head to our personal favorite place...THE DUMP! I honestly have no idea how many times I have been to the dump but I have learned to just say thank you when we go. The first time I told my dad thank you he gave me a weird look but then I told him why. I really am thankful that my parents have taught me to work hard and that I know how to go to the dump. Really not every girl knows how. Not many know that it is a good idea to bring your utility bill and that if you are not going to pay that way cash is the way to go. Not many know about the weighing system( I am so fascinated by it) or where to dump your trash vs. yard waste. I could take you straight there! :) So thank you Dad for taking me to the dump and teaching me to work hard. He always said "you aren't a real woman until you've been to the dump". Now I am not saying that all you women out there needed to go to the dump in order to arrive at womanhood in fact, I think my dad may have used it as an excuse to get his girls to go with him! Ya, he probably just wanted a daddy daughter date and didn't know where else to take us! :)  So we went. Apparently being a woman also requires you to know how to drive a five-speed 3/4 ton diesel. Thank you Dad for getting that truck! My dad has taught me a lot more than how to work hard. He has always taught me to do my best. I will never forget the time he told me "Tara do your best, no one can ask for anything more." the greatest thing about my dad is most of what he has taught me is through example. He has lived a life of service. He has taught me how to love by loving me. I hope I can learn to love others as he loves me. He and my mother have tried to teach us to be well rounded so of course we played basketball and played the piano among other things. This past month my dad has been my medical manager and has spent endless hours working out every single details. He really has turned over every rock and he has made sure that I have the best possible care. He is the reason I am married to my best friend. He got the temple time before we even knew we were getting married. Dad if you are reading this you still have your letter coming and your gift just isn't done yet. I know you don't like gifts but i have been longing to get you just this one little thing. Dad I love you so much and I always will. That's what you always say to me and I will never forget those words. When I am sad I can hear your voice and see that smile, that same smile I saw again on Saturday night and all fear goes away. You are my hero and I love you so much. I owe you my life and I will forever be in your debt. I will always be your little girl. I am who I am today because of you and you told me I am a good person! :) Have the greatest day! I love you. Thank you.

Your Tara Lynn


Alexa Mae said...

Tara ♥
You are amazing! No one would ever doubt the amazing parents you have because you give them full credit and pride by being who you are. I admire you. Happy Fathers day to your dad!

michelle said...

Tara, what a wonderful, and sweet post to for you Dad. I hope he printed it and keeps it forever. It will mean so much to him later in life to be able to look back and re-read that. I'm sure it means more to him now just to know that's how you feel everyday. How sweet! Missing you. Hope you are setteling in and enjoy your new adventures with your hubby! Come by soon or text.
Love, Misha

Gpa and Gma Adams said...

We are so proud of you and your family and the strength you are teaching us all. I am sure you have your hard times, really, really hard times are doing it gracefully. I'll never forget Tara the night I fell in love with you. We were are your house for dinner. You were getting ready to go out for the night in your BIG white truck. You were sharing some of your experiences with your truck and driving around with trash in the back of your truck. You made us laugh then and you make us smile now. Hang in there we are all here for you. Love, Pam & Blake