Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dearest Blog.

It is lunch time again at work…the day is half over! The baby was craving something more than a pb&j so I found myself at Sprouts! I was in the car, in and out of sprouts, and back to my lovely desk within 8 minutes… RECORD (and not a single missed call) Now I sit happily with my turkey & avocado sandwich with a wallet much happier than if I had gone to Paradise across the street. I am the only one in the office right now…my typing never seemed so loud. The market is closed so everyone took off after 11 but conveniently dad and I did not get the message…J I guess it is a good thing because I will be gone so much this next month on vacation. I am hoping being on vacation makes this month pass faster.

It seems like most of this year has been full of count-downs.
Count down to when Josh takes the MCAT (ridiculously long count down)
Count down to when we got his score back –one month has never seemed so long in my life. I swear going through radiation went faster than waiting for his score.
Count down to Pharm Tech certification (eh not too bad) followed by a count down to receiving scores.   
Count down to Josh’s first day at work
Count down to Telluride
Now for the count down of all count downs… baby gender day!!! (22 days)
After that count down to med school application/ interview/acceptance time
Finally we end the year with…BABY!!!!

Josh and I get to see Baby B on July 25! I am about 15 weeks pregnant and my pants are definitely not fitting like they are supposed to. I thought you were not supposed to show as soon with your first and what’s with this whole hip thing I got going on? I did not gain a single pound my first trimester and the doctor said not to worry…the pounds will come…he was right! 2 weeks later…about 8 pounds heavier but not in my belly…ummm I thought this was supposed to be a gradual weight gain thing… I think I got a little happy my appetite was back and got to know the dinner potatoes too well! There is no way that little avocado in me weighs that much! :)
I am off to girls’ camp tomorrow, leaving Josh to fend for himself this 4th of July. Hopefully someone will feed him a burger (then I know he will be fine).
Well my sandwich is gone which means my lunch break is too.

I’ll take good pictures at Girls Camp!

-love Tara & Baby B.