Friday, June 18, 2010

Life begins again

Good Morning! Aren't ya glad I didn't post at 3:30 this morning? I didn't post that early casue I WAS SLEEPING!!! I have a hard time falling asleep cause I keep myself up just thinking about everything and everyone so Josh puts a movie on for me every night and it works like a charm. I slept about 7 straight hours with no interruptions! Yesterday I did not have to take any medicine! It feels so good to be off that stuff. So I guess my "dry run" will be Tuesday now and everything will start Wednesday. My new job starts Monday. I am so excited about work. I hope I can make myself worth hiring. I am just so thankful that I have this chance to get all my health paid for. Josh and I were doing our budget again last night and we just love looking at my health insurance portion and putting a big fat zero. I guess they had to knock how much I earn each hour down quite a bit to cover it so I am not bringing very much home but at least we will not have a surprise $200,000 brain surgery to pay for cause I will have the same insurance that paid for the first one!  I am so thankful for insurance even though they can be a serious pain sometimes. So Josh and I are going to try to be as normal as possible on Monday. I guess life can begin again. Today is three weeks from surgery so I can swim and exercise and even sky dive if I want. All restrictions are off (except get pregnant, sunburned, or take any medications all my doctors don't approve of) so I can do whatever I want. I guess I can't do whatever I want... if I could a fat brownie and a nice bowl of ice cream would be in my lap followed by a nice white roll and a big fat steak. Okay so maybe I wouldn't eat that for breakfast and maybe I would eat them in the other order but you get the picture...I would eat all I wanted! Food isn't that important I guess and I will do whatever it takes to beat this and if that means drinking a green smoothie full of spinach and carrots every morning by golly I'll do it. I am probably the most stubborn person brain cancer has ever met! my hair is growing back so fast! It have almost a little mo hawk where the surgeon cut my hair and where the fruit loops were.  The best is right on top of my head cause it sticks straight up! :) It will probably be the funniest right when I start to loose my hair in three weeks. I am kinda curious to see how that goes. Curious.Not scared. I really am not scared about any of the treatment. The doctors sound very confident. Well I have to go do wifey things now like laundry and cleaning our cute little place.

Keep the prayers coming

We will win

I believe in miracles

Tara Bodrero


Heidi said...

Good news!! I'm so glad you are getting sleep again. That makes everything brighter no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are getting settled into married life, you're going to love it!! Too bad you also have to start treatments, but I know Josh will be right there beside you. You guys look so great together!
Keep your chin up, we are all praying for you!

Natalie said...


r&k skousen said...

Isn't it amazing what sleeping next to the man of your dreams does to help you sleep better. So happy to hear you are loving the married life. Happiness is a cure for everything!!! Good luck with everything next week.

Emily Sue said...

yayyy!! tara bodrero!!!! i'm so happy for you!! still prayin!