Monday, June 7, 2010

check back in a few hours

Please read the blog in a few hours I have a very special announcement I am itching to tell you but I have a few things I need to do first.




christy said...

Yes, miracles do happen and we love to hear yours! :o) Tara...we will be anxiously awaiting to hear from you!!! Lots of hugs... The Cluff Family

Heidi said...

Can't wait to hear!! (I hope it is the news I have been waiting for....)

Anonymous said...

Tara, 3 1/2 hours seems like forever! We are watching - you gonna make us wait up all night? Fran

Annette Gibbons said...


We love you and your family and continue to pray for all of you also!

Sometimes the miracle is not that the trial itself changes but that our ability to deal with the trial changes. I call it one of the miracles of the atonement. I have seen this in you and experienced it myself as I went through breast cancer last year.

By the way, "Come What May and Love It" and Neal A. Maxwell's, "Not My Will Lord, but Thine" were the concepts that got me through cancer also :) When we embrace these concepts, life is easier and we begin to grasp some of the lessons that we need to learn here in mortality.

You are amazing! Keep on keepin'on girl! You will be blessed to get through this trial according to the will of the Lord.

We love you Tara, Josh and the Schlappi family!!!

Annette Gibbons

Makay said...

I can't wait to hear what God has done this time. :)