Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What is the date?

I think I am still in shock! I have lost all sense of time and date! Wow yesterday was a long day. Monday night at around 7 PM we had the go ahead for the wedding and by 8:00 am yesterday morning, most of the invitations had been sent! Maybe they will get there in time for Saturday!

My parents and I had Dr.'s (and hair :) ) appointments from 8:00 am until about 4:30 pm and in that time frame the whole wedding...was pretty much planned. My mom had a few friends kind of take over and they seriously have put this thing together. My parents were both very overwhelmed yesterday with all the Dr.'s appointments. This whole cancer, radiation, fertility and timetable was draining yesterday. We did get good news and they say that the treatment should not make me too sick and that I should be able to live normally for the year in treatment. It is amazing how many tiny little details go into this treatment. There are medicines to counteract other medicines and treatments that need to be done at certain times in certain places. We have a whole team of doctors who get to poke me all the time! :)  We came home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a list of everything that needed to be done and how it was going to be done. It was amazing. My mother read the list to me three times in tears. We would be a complete mess without all you! You are all the only reason this is possible. Please know that you are making someone's dreams come true. Actually, my dreams weren't even close to as amazing as this. Someone smack me I don't believe this is real.

If you are reading this, you are invited to our glorious event! We are worried that all the invitations did not get labeled in our hurry because we have about 60 left over so please come and join us in the celebration!

The Reception will be that night, June 12, 2010 from 7:30 until 9:30 PM (trying to avoid heat)

Reception held at Schlappi Residence
1933 N. 39th street
Mesa, Arizona

I have a long nap scheduled in that day so we can party all night! I am so excited to see you all!

oh last thing... we found out the rash that is taking over my face is from my medication which i don't need anymore! :) No more seizure medication!

Love ya all!

How many minutes til Saturday?

Tara Lynn


Anonymous said...

Tara, you don't know me but we are related to the Cluffs. We use to cater weddings and I still have all of my things, London lights, gazebos etc, lots of things. I would be so glad to let you use anything you might need. Please call if you have a need or questions of what I might have etc....I don't know it you went to Tanner Cluffs reception but that was our things, and just some of cell # 480-262-1270 and my name is Pam Fort. I'm so excited for your fairy tale wedding is happening, every girl deserves that, especially you!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad it is all getting take care of! I know so many people have been praying for everything to come together just right and obviously we got answered!

I can't wait for your big day-- we will see you Saturday night :-)

Gpa and Gma Adams said...

It is going to be amazing!
Anyone who reads this I am calling Pam Fort right now to see what she has. I will let you know what I find out.

Lisa Marie said...

I find myself wondering if your backyard is big enough to contain all the people who will be there supporting you guys... :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats' on the wedding and everything going well right now!!! I found out about you through Team Sadie and will be following your story!!!
Prayers going out to you and your whole family!!!

Leserlee said...

I hope it all goes well. It is amazing what prayer can accomplish, right? And good luck with all of the doctor things. All of them. I hope the next year flies by!

michelle said...

Tara, again, CONGRATS!!! You must be getting a lot of messages because I have tried to reply 3 times now and am getting kicked out. Your site is probably getting bombarded. I sent Becky an e-mail, but again, if I can do anything at all let me know. Don't be shy, just direct me in the direction that you need. Re-read all of your old posts and see how far you have come already. Things will be all downhill for you and Josh from here. Enjoy the ride. : )

Tanner - Est. 2002 said...

Hi Tara, I am a good friend of Stephanie Schlappi, your sis-in-law (whom I just adore!). She forwarded your blog address... you are so adorable - just an inspiration to us all! Steph is serving in YW's with my mom. I would LOVE to come to your reception with my mom if that's okay, just so I can give you a great big hug! You are awesome! I LOVE your strength and faith! Thank you for your example and for sharing your blog. :)

Jill Tanner :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am also a follower of Team Sadie and couldn't be happier for your fairy tale of a day coming up. I just wished I lived in AZ to come and take a peek at it!!