Thursday, December 19, 2013

Adelyn Mae Bodrero

December 18, 2013 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 20 inches. I love my baby girl. I lost a ton of blood and had an infection so we will be here a few extra days but all will be just fine. She is amazing and a total daddy's girl. It doesn't bug Josh at all and he is an amazing Dad to our little Addie Mae. All our pictures are on the camera so we will have to wait until we get home to post them here. She is a beautiful chunky baby with a lot of dark hair.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

She is on her way!!!!!

We got to the hospital late last night and she will be here within a few hours!!!! Pray for a smooth delivery:)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ready to Pop!

Okay our baby girl is due in 6 days...I was ready 6 days ago....I think! :) Ha, will I ever be ready? I know I am ready to attempt to see my toes again! Luckily I have been able to sleep like a rock the past week or so...I have heard it may be my last chance! Every time I kiss Josh off to work in the morning or walk out my door I wonder, "Is this the last time?" When will she be here? The anticipation and suspense is driving me, and everyone around me (because it is all I talk about) crazy! Every time I see my mom she gets a giddy smile on her face when she stares at my monstrous belly! I look down and giggle a happy and scared giggle... ummm how is this supposed to work? How is this 7+ pound beauty supposed to make her way out? Yes, another reason I am anxious to party started? If she really is supposed to gain half a pound a week, we have problems... she was measured last time at 7 pounds, 6 ounces... it has been well over a week since then... I think 8 pounds sounds big enough... let's go!!

This is Nate, my "little big" and I at his eagle a few weeks ago. I have since discovered about 5 new stretch marks which leads me to believe I am a wee bit bigger today... My belly is bigger than your belly little bug!

Ha someone asked me other day when I was due and when I told them the 19th they asked, "What month?" You have got to be kidding me!!! This month :) 

We are so excited to become a happy family of 3 but she needs to wait until her Uncle Nate Bug and Grandpa Scott get home from Canada... hurry home guys!!! I am having another contraction! 

Never been so happy to have pain in my means she is on her way!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Becky here....

Just had to share some of my joy as well.... Tara's last post was tough for me.  A few weeks ago she spoke at the ASU institute and she chided me on my "faith" and told me my faith cannot be based on how long she lives and that she might not live as long as I want her to.  I don't like the fact that those thoughts run around in my precious daughter's head.  So, I changed my wording to more appropriately reflect "hope" - really I believe my faith is rooted in Christ, no matter what happens.  BUT, that doesn't mean that I cannot HOPE and PRAY every single day that my daughter's life is spared. (which I DO).  But, on to happier thoughts.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe I'm not dreaming.  I tear up regularly when I look at Tara's large stomach.  It's unbelievable to me.  Awhile ago I was privileged to accompany Tara to an ultrasound.  It was such a surreal feeling to be looking at pictures of 4 chambers of a heart with a little tiny heartbeat going strong, a spine with NO defects or breaks in it (which they are watching because of the seizure meds) AND a little tiny face with Josh's lips!!  Unbelievable how the 3D images are so much clearer than the old ultrasounds.  I teared up 3 times during the ultrasound and I just can't get enough of watching this whole pregnancy unfold.  I have to admit it was a little strange to be looking at an ultrasound instead of an MRI of the brain.  Much nicer!  Speaking of which; the doctor asked us if we were going to see Shapiro - we have taken a 6 month break from scans and it's been pretty nice.  We entered the pregnancy world and are trying to forget about the brain tumor world.  I felt the baby kick a few days ago.  happy happy times!

Another blessing has happened as well - Rachel is pregnant also!  I never dreamed the girls would both be pregnant at the same time.  Actually, I dreamed about it; but just didn't ever think it would be a reality.  I cried about the fact that they probably wouldn't have babies together more than I dreamed about it happening.  Rachel and Tara have flipped roles - it is SOOO weird!  Everyone asks me how Tara is doing with her pregnancy - and my reply is this, "she's doing soo much better than Rachel!"  Tara eats and is hungry all the time.  It's completely amazing after years of having not much of an appetite to watch her enjoy eating again.  She's putting on weight and looking like a normal pregnant woman.  (she has to post pictures, she won't let me:)  On the other hand, Rachel has always LOVED food and could outeat most of us; but now she picks at her food and has nausea way too often. She's 20 weeks + and has lost 9 pounds and doesn't look at bit pregnant.  It's sad.  We spent the weekend with she and Nathan last weekend for the spectacular Albuquerque balloon fiesta, and it was hard for me to leave knowing I can't really cook for her or help her through this at all.  I did try to make up for lost time while I was there and fill her fridge and make a few meals; but that will be gone soon.  Oh, the joys of pregnancy!  Thankfully she has a very attentive and empathetic husband who also COOKS!

And, we are still enjoying our Tuesdays and Tara is really starting to act more and more normal and is starting to get as hooked on quilting as I am:)  She's in nesting and project mode.  Yesterday our Tuesday was spent looking at her very cute little apartment.  She is really getting ready for the baby and it's so fun to see.  The little blessing dress she wore is displayed and the bassinet is in the bedroom. the rocker is ready and waiting.  She's planning and preparing and LIVING LIFE.  Then on to the granite stores to weigh in on Steph's countertop decision:)  Tuesdays are like my weekend:) I look forward to them so much - Tara, and often, Stephanie and Katelyn come over.  It's the BEST.  I prefer these kind of Tuesdays to the Tuesdays at St. Joe's; although Dr. Smith is truly a wonderful man, I don't miss the necessity of our past Tuesday dates.  And we are on to a baby shower soon as well!  So much fun!!!

Enough said.... on to preparing for Christmas because that has to be done EARLY this year; which isn't usually the case for me:)  Thanks sooo much for all your love and prayers!  You people are all the best!  I have people regularly tell me they still pray for Tara every day - well, she's here and we are sooo very thankful for your prayers!!! They lift us up.

Friday, October 4, 2013

“You know, I really did not think I was going to make it this long”
“I did not either”
“I thought I would be gone within three years for sure”
“Me too”
“Then why did you marry me…forever?”
“Because knowing I would have some time as your husband is better than no time.”

Last week we went to a friend’s and this was part of our conversation while we danced. I cannot get it out of my head. I honestly thought I would be lucky to make it through treatment and now today, I sit here 30 weeks pregnant with a baby they told me I would never have. I am overcome with awe when I look at my life. I think of all the things I have done, and I am so glad I was wrong about my timeline. I am overcome with the love my husband had and has for me and am grateful for the love we already have for our baby girl.

While dancing in Josh’s arms I had a flash back to all the initial fear of not having forever with him and not having long in this life with my family.  

There have been many times the past 30 weeks (I blame the hormones) that I have cried out of pure joy and unbelief. I cannot believe that this is my life…I am so happy. Josh asks if I am okay then smiles when I tell him, “I am just so happy”. I love being so happy. I love being loved, I love being alive, I love our friends and families, and I love our future family. I cannot believe this is my life!

I am alive
I am pregnant
I am in love
I am happy

--never thought I would have all this
--I don’t need anything more

-Tara & Adelyn Mae

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dear Anonymous from the Czech Republic...

Please email me at

I would love to hear more of your story! Congratulations on your preganancy! :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baby Girl

Well if you have not heard by now...
Joshua and I are having a GIRL!!!

We went in with our guesses. I thought she was a girl and Josh chose boy to to have an opposing guess... One of us was bound to be right and as usual...I was right! She was exercising her long Bodrero legs and sucking her thumb :) She was moving so much, the tech had to keep chasing her around and she kept her legs crossed until I emptied my bladder...then we got a good shot...clearly a girl! :) 

I wanted to tell the grandparents-to-be together and since they live within minutes of each other we had a little get together and I brought the treat. My mom could not wait to get to the was quite a scene..people ripping open the cakes to get to the middle! 

I can not wait to meet our little girl. We did not have any boy names that we liked so I always joked that it needed to be a girl for that reason alone :) 

I am growing like crazy now and have fully embraced the paneled pants. I often question why I did not find these many Thanksgivings ago...they are so nice! I will have to keep a pair out for "special" times in the future when I am not pregnant but eat until I look like I am.:) 

I am 23 weeks now and she is kicking like crazy! My favorite is when she kicks so hard you can see it from the outside! 

Life is grand here in the ridiculously hot Mesa, AZ! 


quick update from appointment yesterday...

I gained 9 should have seen the doctors face... :) I did not gain any weight the first trimester and they actually encouraged me to try to make sure I was gaining weight...well...I blew up real fast! She told me not to come in every time with a 9 pound weight gain :) I tried on a skirt that I thought might work for work today...I had about 4 inches space...not even close! I guess I really am stuck with the stretchy skirt Josh bought me and my panel pants!! :) 

Well lunch break is over again! Sending love from WealthPlan Advisers 

Tara + Baby Girl

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dearest Blog.

It is lunch time again at work…the day is half over! The baby was craving something more than a pb&j so I found myself at Sprouts! I was in the car, in and out of sprouts, and back to my lovely desk within 8 minutes… RECORD (and not a single missed call) Now I sit happily with my turkey & avocado sandwich with a wallet much happier than if I had gone to Paradise across the street. I am the only one in the office right now…my typing never seemed so loud. The market is closed so everyone took off after 11 but conveniently dad and I did not get the message…J I guess it is a good thing because I will be gone so much this next month on vacation. I am hoping being on vacation makes this month pass faster.

It seems like most of this year has been full of count-downs.
Count down to when Josh takes the MCAT (ridiculously long count down)
Count down to when we got his score back –one month has never seemed so long in my life. I swear going through radiation went faster than waiting for his score.
Count down to Pharm Tech certification (eh not too bad) followed by a count down to receiving scores.   
Count down to Josh’s first day at work
Count down to Telluride
Now for the count down of all count downs… baby gender day!!! (22 days)
After that count down to med school application/ interview/acceptance time
Finally we end the year with…BABY!!!!

Josh and I get to see Baby B on July 25! I am about 15 weeks pregnant and my pants are definitely not fitting like they are supposed to. I thought you were not supposed to show as soon with your first and what’s with this whole hip thing I got going on? I did not gain a single pound my first trimester and the doctor said not to worry…the pounds will come…he was right! 2 weeks later…about 8 pounds heavier but not in my belly…ummm I thought this was supposed to be a gradual weight gain thing… I think I got a little happy my appetite was back and got to know the dinner potatoes too well! There is no way that little avocado in me weighs that much! :)
I am off to girls’ camp tomorrow, leaving Josh to fend for himself this 4th of July. Hopefully someone will feed him a burger (then I know he will be fine).
Well my sandwich is gone which means my lunch break is too.

I’ll take good pictures at Girls Camp!

-love Tara & Baby B. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

(Here are some random facebook posts from Tara - I know many of you don't "do" facebook; so I cut and pasted them here:)  It is indescribable to describe the joy that comes from watching Tara be so happy about this baby and knowing there is LIFE inside her!!!  So, here's the posts:)
"My life changed 3 years ago today when I met my Glioblastoma. I have spent this May 14th bring grateful for my life, my testimony, my family, my friends, and our little miracle baby. " (from Becky - we celebrated life and had a surprise party here for Tara - she and I will NEVER ever forget May 14th)

(Last week we spent some time again in the hospital - after watching Tara suffer all this pain, I am quite sure having a baby will be a CAKEWALK!)
"So instead of seeing our baby yesterday I spent the past two days in the hospital... They are not sure what is wrong with me... They took an ultrasound in the ER but did not let josh or I see anything... Luckily we had a nice nurse who found a way to get the pictures on a cd for us... They said the baby is fine but I just have problems. We ruled out kidney stones, gallbladder, and appendix. What else could be so painful is causes vomiting? I know pain and this is at the top of the list... Morphine was not strong enough...
 I am sorry I never updated my status...I think I left a few people thinking I was still in pain in the hospital.... I have not taken pain meds since Sunday and am perfectly stable right now. We still have no idea what went on but I will see the doc again today and hopefully learn something! I went Monday and was able to see the baby! It was moving around like crazy but we still got a few pictures!"

Friday, May 10, 2013

Miracle within a Miracle "Poppy"

So I have made it very clear and still firmly believe that `my life is a miracle and love labeling myself as a "miracle"! I do not know how anyone could argue against me! :) I am a walking talking miracle.

This last week I have been able to be a part of yet another miracle. Josh and I have once again beat all odds, picked the one wild card in the bunch, thrown the doctors for a loop, etc! Usually my wild card is cancer, kidney stones, staff infections, near blind eye get the picture! Fortunately, this wild card has reason to celebrate.  Josh and I are expecting a baby due late December!!!!! My eggs!!! My body!!! wow this was the biggest surprise I have ever had. Not only were my eggs supposed to die from Chemo, but we were also on birth control trying "NOT" to get pregnant! I guess my body really wanted to have a baby, or the Lord did and blessed us with a miracle. I call her my little "poppy" because she is barely bigger than a poppy seed. I do not believe in coincidences, rather God putting his hand in your life.

With that said, I believe it is no coincidence Josh's grandparents came into town and we got on the subject of child birth, then with child birth on his mind, Josh decided to learn what all the symptoms of pregnancy were. Of course I had many of the symptoms such as dizziness, sick stomach and extreme fatigue but I pushed it out of my mind because I have had all those symptoms constantly for the last three years with no baby to show for it! I was 90% sure I was not pregnant when I took the test. I am so glad I was wrong and my Joshua was right! I took a pregnancy test and my heart sunk to a place in my stomach it had never been before. Neither of us said a word for a few seconds in complete shock. We had read the instructions and followed them to a T and we went over, more than once, what the positive lines were, and what the negative were. We let that little puppy sit for two whole minutes then panic struck. Yes, being pregnant would be the greatest thing in the world! In fact, I want nothing more than to be a wife AND a mother but we were on birth control for a very serious reason. My medications I have to take harm the baby and do not allow the brain and spine to form properly. Thoughts raced through my mind and a million miles per hour. "Tara, what have you done! Have you killed a child? Why are you pregnant? Will they make you choose between your life and your child? Will your child be motherless? Will your baby die? You have ruined a life!" I had to keep holding back my tears, I felt so guilty. I mostly repeated, "Joshua, what have we done?" I quickly called my sister-in-law who has had experience with pregnancy tests to gather all the information she had while Josh searched every website about the accuracy of test and how accurate this specific test was. He learned it was actually recommended because of accuracy and I learned that if the tests are wrong, it is because they show a false negative, not a false positive. Now time to figure out how long! My sister-in-law and have close cycles so I found out how close I was to my next cycle...we approximated 4 days. This test could be real!

We freaked out and I had nothing but fear and guilt in my heart until Josh smiled at me on the way to my parents for dinner. That smile is magical and somehow took all my fears away and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I learned that with God, all things are possible, and with my Joshua, all things will be okay. The peace and love he gives me from one simple pure smile is indescribable.

The rest of the night was enjoyable and nerve racking. Enjoyable because my oldest brother already knew and he came in the door with a smile and little side comments that through my mom for a spin. He kept asking me if I felt sick and we talked about having a 2 bedroom instead of one, we would walk by each other and stick our stomachs out as far as we could. I knew I had to tell my mom and dad before the next day ( I had already called Terry and scheduled a time to get my blood drawn) I needed to drop a bomb on them...but not the usual ("Hey I know you are in Missouri on a business trip but I am having surgery Monday...hope you can make it") blast.  I knew this was going to make my mom fall to the ground! There were just a few problems I needed to work around. My cousin showed up for dinner, my best friend was there, an investigator was there, the missionaries were there and my dad and brother had home teaching and a very inconvenient time! I got the cousin and best friend out of the house with a singles fireside but had no idea how I was going to work around the missionary lessons which were immediately followed by Dad and Nate.

I finally decided to have Nate interrupt the lessons for 1 minute. I insisted that both parents were there!  When they got to the bottom of the stairs I knew it was time. " Mom, Dad, I just wanted to let you know that I am scheduled to have a blood test tomorrow, I think I am pregnant." Boom! The bomb was dropped and my mother slid to the floor with her hand over her heart and tears in her eyes while my father moved his way over to kiss my cheek with his "I love you smile". Of course the first question was, have you been taking your folic acid? Folic acid is what we call my defense against my seizure drugs. The drugs increase risk of de-formalities in the brain and spine and folic acid supplements are supposed to help. I had to tell her the truth that I had not...we were trying not to get i was not too worried. That night our hearts were  filled with surprise, happiness, and fear... I think I slept a grand total of 4 hours!

Monday = blood day. 10:45 could not come soon enough. I left 30 minutes early for the lab 3.5 minutes drive to the lab just because I could not sit at work any longer and I had the doctor STAT the order so I did not have to go though another sleepless night. Four seriously seriously seriously long hours passed before Dr. Tutt called to confirm that I was indeed pregnant! The whole office soon found out whether they wanted to or not because of the screaming and crying that came from my mom! :) I then went to interrupt Dad's meeting to tell him grand baby # 3 was on her way! Our little angel is the size of a poppy seed. We have decided it's a girl until we are told otherwise! :) We are happy to meet our baby poppy end of this year!!!

Okay, I wrote that about a week ago and I wanted to update just a bit. Our poppy is now a blueberry. I was referred to a high risk set of doctors to help with my baby care! I know have a team of 4 doctors to add to my others! I saw the baby's heart flutter yesterday and learned all about the risks that go along with my medications. My baby is exactly 7 weeks old today and our official due date is Dec 28, 2013! I will deliver at St. Joes Hospital! All my doctors and nurses can come see me for a reason other than brain surgery!!!! They will have to travel to an unfamiliar wing to see our new little family of 3!!!!! I am so excited.

Our risks are actually lower than we thought but we appreciate all prayers still...I feel like I never stop asking for them! :) We have a less than 10%  chance of problems because of the meds...those are odds we can surely beat!

I am taking my gummy vitamins and poppy does not make me too sick...just very dizzy and tired...but what else is new? I am just extra tired on top of my extra tiredness :)

We have another an ultra sound in three weeks! My mother could not believe the technology they have now and how early they can see the baby!

This is real! It's happening!

Don't tell me I will not be a mother... Imma be the best mommy ever!


My favorite Meds by far!! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Greatest Gift

Becky again...

I just had to post some pictures of our recent trip to Hawaii.  Tara, Josh, Nathan, Scott & I went to Hawaii for spring break. I managed to be lucky enough to be at the beach 2 years in a row for my birthday!  BUT, the greatest gift of all was watching Tara & Josh enjoy themselves immensely and especially watching Tara actively participate in all the activities.  I was completely thrilled all week long.  Here are some pictures:

This was a highlight of the trip - an 8 mile hike!  Tara hiked ALL 8 miles!!!  The views were spectacular and the best part is that she made it!  She told me after the hike that she has been hesitant about doing "physical things" like running the bases for women's softball or exercising; because she didn't think she could do it; but after this hike, she believes she can DO things now!  Yea!!!  To me, hiking this far is miraculous after what she's been through.  We gave Tara the option of staying at the beach only 2 miles in; but she hiked on to the waterfall the extra 2 miles.  So it was 4 miles in; 4 miles back.  She was awesome!!!  And she wasn't any more sore than the rest of us after the hike.  The only not sore hikers were Nate, his friend and his friend's parents who were with us.  They are marathon runners and were not sore; but the rest of us felt it.

I loved the big patches of bamboo on the way to the waterfall

This was at the END of the hike!  She doesn't even look wiped out!

 The first evening there; Tara went to the beach and wasn't planning on getting IN the water; but couldn't resist.  She got in, splashed around in the waves, shreiking and laughing the whole time.  She got her head wet (a huge deal for Tara) and then laughed and yelled, "I feel sooo free!"  My head is fine and I got it wet!  Tara is truly ready to move on beyond her GBM and she wants to forget it all happened and she wants me to treat her normal.  (can I ever forget and really do that??)

A pretty cave - either Pirates or Raiders of the Lost Ark had a scene filmed here.

We walked around the Grand Hyatt  - it was amazingly beautiful and we dreamed of staying there; pretending we were rich and famous, but we don't need a Hyatt because we have really generous friends who wanted Tara to stay in their roomy house on the golf course 1 mile from Poipu Beach!  Thank you generous friends!!! They made the trip much more possible and affordable.

One of Tara's highlights (the other was the hike) was a boat trip we took around the Na Pali coast.  She and Josh just delighted in this whole adventure.  They played "Titanic" on the bow and generally had a marvelous time.  The scenery was beautiful and completely amazing!  We saw whales as well; which was an added bonus!  She was smiling for hours on end during this trip. I was the only one not smiling as I was the one seasick halfway through the trip.  Tara tried to offer me food or ask me if I wanted anything; and it was my turn to be disgusted by food - the smell of food just sent me sick again.  So, I got a tiny picture of what it was like for Tara for so very many days to not want food and be nauseated.  I was so glad she felt amazing during this whole adventure!

So, here's to living LIFE!!! I could not have asked for a greater gift than watching Tara LIVE.  She did have a little seizure scare; but warded it off and she was fine.  Tara said she feels pressure because I'm so happy when she's happy.  I told her that I am happy all the time; but I just stand in awe when she feels good - I'm still not used to it yet; and I will NEVER take it for granted.  Not one moment of life ever again will be under appreciated!  ( at least I hope so!!!)

I think that's why she's been so absent from the blog - she wants to put all this cancer stuff behind her and be normal.  She even made her own chicken noodle soup yesterday for her lunches this week!  Woo hoo!!  

Love you all..... thanks for caring, praying, loving Tara, and being there for us!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today

Becky here....

To echo the words of a hymn I love, "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today".  I just had to write about my happy, normal few hours with Tara.

Tara is now off on Tuesdays, and often we have tried to get together and work on projects or cook, or other things for a few hours in the afternoon before Tara teaches piano at 2:45.  Many times Stephanie and baby Katelyn have been able to join us, which is an extra treat and she and Tara have been working on Christmas tree skirts together.  Anyway, last night on my calendar, Tara put a recurring event, "Play with Tara!" and it NEVER has an end date.  She meant to put 12 pm; but put 12 am which was a little funny.  That event totally made me smile so big!  Do you know how many Tuesdays that Tara spent sick???  At doctor's?? So many that I told her today (when I was so happy) that I'm just not used to having these hours of "good time" with Tara yet - the newness hasn't worn off.  It was 2 1/2 years on and off of being sick, so the good times are still a novelty.  I still relish them and appreciate every minute of them.  I hope I always will.  So, today wasn't exactly a huge deal to most people, we put together a small little box for Jerod for Valentine's Day, mailed it, went to visit Stephanie and Brigham and deliver some little Valentine's gifts for him, then went grocery shopping, and got dinner ready for "my Joshua".  And at the end for just a few 15 minutes, she actually sewed and acted like she wanted to!  Maybe that was just for my benefit:)  Trying to finish that crazy tree skirt!  Here's another rare event - Tara handled cooked chicken and was successful at shredding it.  It's been a long time since she could smell or cook meat - and it was still a little weird for her, but she did it!  She now cooks meals for herself and Josh now and then; which is a big step in the prolonged chemotherapy / treatment world!  Maybe next week we can actually make bread!:)  Sunday at church someone told me they saw Tara roller blading!  Woo hoo!!  Tara did say that she got tired and had to hang on to Josh to finish; but hey, she was roller blading!  The more and more I am around, the more and more I realize Tara is a walking miracle and I am thankful every single day for that.

The past 2 months most Tuesdays have been spent driving to an acupuncturist's office and back - it's usually about a 2 1/2 hour deal.  We went because of the pain in Tara's legs which was due to chemotherapy and those IV antibiotics.  Anyway, our Dr. Luo told us that he couldn't guarantee that he could help Tara with her leg pain because he has better success when someone comes in closer to the finish of their chemotherapy, and it had been almost a year since Tara finished her chemo.  I appreciated his honesty - he is an internist as well as acupuncture, which I like very much.  Anyway, we decided to give it a try anyway and proceeded through the 10 treatments.  I emailed some family members and asked them to pray that Tara's body would be receptive to the treatments.  Tara started keeping track for the Dr how often her legs hurt and she observed that they hurt daily; many times they hurt so badly she couldn't sit down and she would have to move around, rub them, or whatever and still the pain would be there.  We were afraid she would have to live with leg pain the rest of her life - (her father in law who went through chemo years ago deals with it always as well).  Anyway, at about treatment #5, Tara said her legs only hurt 2 times in the past 5 days, and then by the end of the treatments, there was only one spot on her heal that wasn't responding, so he did 2 more treatments and SHE'S ALL BETTER!!! Unbelievable!  I guess there's a reason Chinese acupuncture has been around for thousands of years.  Dr. Luo said he would never not do chemo and radiation; but acupuncture has its place for some things - it helped Tara!  So, hooray for no more leg pain!  Anyway, we don't spend Tuesdays going there, either, so we're a little free.  I say little because there is always that scan ever coming, ever reminding us that we live in a brain tumor world.  Tara did have another seizure which is troublesome - probably because she had the flu and was dehydrated, then had a seizure.  So, NO MORE FLU!  So, that totals 3 seizures in a 12 month period which means a little more seizure medicine and a little more tiredness.  So, now the only residual effect of Tara's treatment is her stomach hurts often; but it doesn't stop her and she will eat and has actually gained weight which is awesome!

It's been a rather heavy 2 months in the brain tumor world and it was nice to try to enjoy the sunshine today. Our hearts have been pretty heavy.  Our GBM friend, David Baker passed away 2 weeks ago and Tara just had to go to CA for the funeral.  He was an amazing man and the funeral was a spiritual experience. Tara thought she might regret it someday if she didn't go.  My heart breaks for that family who has to live on without him.  Life just isn't fair; but I guess that's what we signed up for just by living in this world.  He was taken home early in my not so humble opinion and he will be greatly missed. Also, since December 22nd our friend, Chuck Buckhannon has not been the same and that's really hard as well.  He has been in the hospital since the 22nd; but did come home finally last week; but he hasn't recovered yet from a stroke he had while in the hospital, so life is tough at that house as well.  Our hearts hurt for all of them!!

I will try to post pictures later..... love you all!  Enjoy the sunshine!