Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dear little Adelyn, 
Everyone was right, you are growing up way too fast! I'm sitting outside your door just bawling as you sing yourself to sleep. You've sung I am a Child of God 3 times and have worked your way through new versions of The Wheels on the Bus... You've sung Aiden happy birthday a few times and are currently going through the list of people that love you. "Does Daddy love Addie? ... Yes, does Grandma love Addie? ... Yes, does Vanna love Addie? ... Yes, does Micah love Addie? ...Yes" 

Finally I hear you ask if mommy loves Addie and yes little girl you're right mommy does love Addie and I love you too! I'll cherish these perfect little moments forever! Before I found out I was pregnant with you I thought I didn't think I wanted to have kids because of what might happen with my brain cancer... Because I didn't want to pass away and leave a family here on earth. You, my little punk are the BEST surprise that I have ever received. I'm so glad I have had the chance to be your mommy for the past two years! I'm glad Heavenly Father sent you to me and didn't leave the decision up to me on whether or not having a child was a good decision!! I will love every minute I have with you and pray every night that I'll have many more minutes with you and your baby brother. I can't live like I'm dying... I'm living like I have forever with you! Just know that no matter what happens in life, I LOVE YOU! I will always love you and there is nothing you could do that will ever make me stop loving you.