Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Smoothie

From Becky

Tara is still is so much wedded bliss that she is having trouble posting every day.  They don't have wireless at their place (which hinders blogging) and she's enjoying being with her husband which is as it should be! I'm sure she'll find time today though.  My post will be quick - I just had to share my excitement about green smoothies!!

After more than a week of a green smoothie miraculously showing up in our fridge from a friend, I decided it was time to take this project on myself.  I did not to go any doctors this week and had some time; so I'm trying to learn to eat healthy myself instead of relying on all our ward members to feed us!  I tried Tara's green smoothie sometime this week because it was in the fridge and she was gone and I did not want it to go bad.  It looked gross; but Tara said they weren't too bad; so I gave it a shot.  It was actually tasty!!  Can you believe it?  So, I have now borrowed a high tech blender from another friend who is out of town and got the recipe from our green smoothie elf and did it yesterday!  WOW!  Tara liked it, Josh EVEN liked it!  I liked it and this morning I made another blender full and this is the ultimate test..... my ice cream, sugar loving, pizza & hot dog eating daughter, Rachel, actually tried it! She liked it and she even watched what I put in it and still ate it.  She was so surprised that she liked it.  She took it to work with her and said it actually filled her up!  SCORE!  That was the ultimate compliment.  If any of you want to know what I put in, email me.  You can also go to a website and learn more than you probably want to know about it; but it was very informative.  My next project is to get Ryan, Steph, and grandson Brigham on to green smoothies.  Maybe it will cure their allergies and Brig can get all his veggies in for the day!  Travis is escaping because I can't bring green smoothies to Utah..... sorry, Trav.  I also made whole wheat bread twice this week.  I haven't had time before this to make it - so that felt good.  We have been buying the Sprouts whole wheat bread at $4.50 a loaf and downing it like crazy so it was nice to make our own for a change.

Here's to healthy eating!  Tara is still feeling great this week!  YES!!!  I know you all want to hear from her, so I'll let her tell you about her life from her perspective.


Aselin said...

Nice job! I knew we could get you drinking the "Kool Aid" eventually!!! I can't wait for the whole update!!! xo

Leserlee said...

Green smoothie, hunh? I think I'll have to check it out. And way to go on making your own wheat bread. It isn't too hard at all. Hope things go well next week when the chemo starts.

katkrebs said...

We loved seeing you last night Tara, along with your family. Your mom made us all a green smoothie while there and though we were was delicious. My kids made me get on your blog today and get the recipe. We love you, your mom is terrific and you will continue to be in our prayers daily. Aloha, your Hawaii friends.