Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Morning

Ya, it is about 3:30 AM and I have been wide awake since about 1. I try so so hard to sleep but my body just won't let me. It stinks but at least I have time to blog right? It seems like my body feels best in the middle of the night. My mind is clear and my meds don't make me dizzy and all is fine, so why can't I sleep? Anyway, yesterday was, not surprisingly, an amazing day. Well it ended amazing. I did get called into the Dr.'s office again and they poked me and kept me there much longer than I wanted but I just have to keep telling myself that they are only trying to save my life. It just gets old day after day after day. Luckily everything we have heard can be considered good news for the most part. They say I should get to keep all my hair until three weeks into radiation. They kept saying I would have a "funky haircut". This is because the hair dies wherever they shoot the radiation and they are going to be shooting it in all different directions. They said I could have strips of missing hair and dots and just random areas so I guess we will just have to wait and see about that.Then after being at that doctor for much longer than I wanted they told me I had to go to another and then we had a doctor call us wanting to meet. My heart just sunk. NO MORE DOCTORS!!!! I was overwhelmed but my amazing parents and Josh got me through it and I am almost positive that I don't have to see a doctor until Tuesday!! My parents just had the doctor appointment over the phone and let me sleep and Josh helped me get in and out of blood work with a smile. I made it! At one of the appointments yesterday they made the mask for my radiation treatment. I will have to get a picture of it up sometime. It is really interesting. So I guess everyday I have to lay under a mask for a certain amount of time at the hospital and they shoot radiation beams into my head. I can handle that! I don't think it takes too long, maybe I can take a nap. :)

Last night was my bridal shower. WOW. Talk about a party. It was the first time I was back into the real world. I have seen people one at a time or two and been places but not everyone at once. Man, it was good to see everyone! People are always surprised when they see me. Why? Because and look and feel normal! I have answered the door so many times and people are in awe! The looks on their faces are priceless. But thinking about it, what would I think if I knew a young woman had major brain surgery 2 weeks ago, then a few days later was told that she has to continue on with a serious treatment for a very rare tumor? Ya, I too would be a little surprised when a girl with a full head of hair comes half walking-half skipping to answer the door with a big smile on her face. So yesterday I got to see everyone again and come back into society. What a perfect way to do so! It was all smiles and fun and for a few hours I really didn't have to think about what I am going through! For those hours I had no time to think about but happiness! I loved last night and I feel like I only got to see a few people! I guess you can only talk to so many people at once right? Thank you so much for everything it was beyond amazing. My body did shut down at the end but I made it pretty far and loved every second of it.

I guess it is Friday already. That means temple and wedding dinner :) Today is going to be an amazing day. I guess I can try to sleep again...wish me luck!

Everyday is going to be an amazing day, I will make sure of that.
Miracles happen and I am so grateful to be a miracle.

Keep the prayers and faith!
We will win this battle

Tara Lynn Schlappi


Natalie said...

TARA!! Today is going to be SUCH an AMAZING day for you, I can honestly say I am jealous :) :)

You are wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring.

Heidi said...

Happy Friday! I hope you have a beautiful day today!

r&k skousen said...

Tara, you looked so beautiful last night. Today will be amazing for you. Have a great day at the temple. It is such a great place to feel peace and you will feel even more love there than anywhere else. You get to start forever with Josh today!!!! How exciting and great is that!!!
Love, Kelli

doodlekat said...

i'm sooooooo happy for you Tara !!! there is so much good news in these posts, i know in my heart and soul you WILL make it, you will beat the cancer!
tomorrow will be the FIRST DAY of the REST of YOUR LIFE <3 <3
since we left class in may and then i got your text, not a moment hasn't gone by when i haven't thought about you…this incredible testing time you, Josh, and your family are going through…
i woke up again around 3 last night and i thought of you: maybe i sensed that you too were awake: i thought of saturday, and how much i've missed seeing your smile and goofiness (:
my posts have been silly and 'jokey' but that's me, i'm better at hugs and talking face to face…
we haven't known each other long, but i truly love you my friend, and have been crying and laughing along with you
i SOOO hope to see you so i can give you a BIIIG HUG
if i'm still invited (: txt me your address so i can see how beautiful you look tomorrow after your wedding
the Temple is a beautiful place (the xmas lights are really something!) but it will disappear with the light from the light of your smile !!! and Josh's too !
lots of love xxxx Bobbie of the Tribe of Trouble

Makall said...

Tara!! I talked to my mom two days ago and she said that she was able to spend some time with you to pick out pictures for your wedding and it made me so envious! She said your spirit is so strong and your attitude is absolutely incredible. You are a huge inspiration to me. I am beyond excited for you, the covenants you make tomorrow with Josh are the most beautiful promises this world has to offer.

There's not a greater place in this world where we can find true peace than the house of God. You will love going there often to literally feel the powers of heaven.

I wish that I could be there to see you as a beautiful bride tomorrow night so Im expecting pictures! Good luck, and dont do anything tomorrow except sleep, party and smile. Its YOUR day! I love you!


Lisa Marie said...

Ooooo.... the temple today!! Last night was a lot of fun and I'm so glad I was able to be there. I had fun making you blush. :) But today will be an even better day. The temple has a way of doing that. Love you!

elizabeth cullimore said...

Tara, It was so good to see you last night. I was one of those "shocked" people! You looked so good- you were glowing! I hope today was perfect. I'm so excited to see you tomorrow! (bright & early! :))

Anonymous said...

You aren't sleeping because you are on an adrenalin high like no other. Enjoy that feeling and savor every moment you will experience over the next couple of days. Life is so much more enjoyable when you are with the one you love and awesoeme family and friends. Many of whom you do not know, but are following your incredible story will be thinking of you today, tomorrow and for always as you travel this journey of life. Your positive attitude and strong spirit speak loud and clear in your posts. May tomorrow be everthing you are dreaming it to be.