Monday, May 31, 2010

We are busting outta here today!

So the people here are really nice but I am sick of this place! Mom and Josh snuck me off this floor earlier and took me downstairs and I am jut itching to get outta here! Really the only thing holding me back in knowing that the chocolate ice cream will be more than five minutes away. Yep, just gave them to word they are packing me up right now! We are getting out of here!!!!! Ah, sweet sunshine bring it on! My Dr. Berger came to see me today and took me on a nice walk. He said I was doing well and then told me about my hair. Yes this amazing surgen spent thirty minutes saving my hair! He said he brushed my hair and separated it so he did not have to cut it all. Man, that was so nice of him. He said he stole my black hair tie and I told him to keep it! :) He is a really really nice man and came all the way just to see me. I was so happy when I heard his voice coming in the door. Ah, they took my last iv out....ouch! No more poking in the middle of the night! yayayyayayayay. I always pretended like I was asleep so they would come back later. I even told them to take my dad's but they said they needed mine! No more though! No more needles for a little while! I am so happy about that! I am outta here! I am outta here I am outta here! Done people! I HAD a brain tumor!!! I HAD one and now I don't anymore! It is all gone and I don't have to have brain surgery anymore! We are talking past tense now! Wonderful! I am just loving this. They said I can swim and shower and go to Disneyland later too! Ah, bring on my Mesa sunshine I am coming home!

I made it


I am happy

Tumorless Tara

Lovers you!


Julianna Farnsworth said...

wow you amaze me! your scar is a well deserved one you trooper! i love you and am SO GLAD to hear your doing well!

Mandy&Dave said...

Tara, you did it!! We are all so proud of you and so relieved to hear you are going to be ok!! I can't believe how little they took of your hair! That is an amazing doc you have!!! All around, this is such a beautiful story...thanks so much for sharing...even those of us who you barely remember (if you remember at all) care alot about you and have been truly touched by your journey!! Your positive approach to this all has made a difference in how I face my own trials. Thanks to you, I now believe in the idea of "Come what may and love it!" Thanks so much for sharing that outlook and for being such a great example of faith in Heavenly Father. I also really loved how you always wrote "I believe in miracles" at the end of your posts. I think we all believe in them now!! It is pretty clear that Heavenly Father has BIG things in store for you. Best wishes to you and your family throughout the rest of your recovery (and the wedding plans!!) And congrats to you and your sweetheart on the long and wonderful future you have ahead of you!!!

Love, Mandy (Miller) Clive

Heidi said...

This is just making my day, Tara! Come home and enjoy the triple digit heat! :-)

Michelle said...

Good for you! Looking forward to seeing you. I will give you some time at home and then I am coming over. Tomorrow about 5:30 PM ok? LOL, just kidding. Let me know when you are rested and up for company. I don't want you dozing off on me. (You can't blame it on the meds any more either ; )Let me know what I can bring to you or do for you when I come.
Love ya, Sparky!

r&k skousen said...

We are thrilled at your progress. I wrote Robert last week about the surgery and everything and asked him to include you in his prayers. I was so happy to tell him today that you are doing so well. It really has been so many miracles. Life is so precious. Thanks for helping us to appreciate it more. WE are so excited you get to come home!!!
Love, Kelli Skousen

Leserlee said...

What an awesome surgeon! That was so nice of him! Did they let you keep the hair they cut off?

Lynette said...

Yeah!!!!! So glad for the good news and for you to get out of the hospital all in one piece minus one huge tumor! Is Disney Land on the docket for this trip??

Debbie said...

I am so thrilled you made it through and you sound kinda fiesty! Good for you! This is Debbie Boyer.....I am your mom's friend and I have been reading your blog as you have gone through this experience. You have been in our prayers and I am happy you sound so well! Have a safe trip home. I am anxious to talk to your mom! What an experience! Debbie Boyer

Kerisa said...

Hooray! Have a safe trip home! We love you!