Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay so these pictures span from May 14, 2010 to now! I know there are quite a few but I had a hard time narrowing it down! :)
Last day with braces. They had to come off for all the testing.
My handsome driver/ hero that never leaves my side

Amazing family at dinner for my sisters graduation. She has been so amazing through the whole thing and we feel bad that we missed graduation but she understood and lovers us still! Love ya Chol
We barely made the plane and had to pull the "my daughter has a brain tumor and must get on that plane!" card. I still can't believe we made the plane! Last time in Arizona with the tumor! This is when the nerves started kicking in.
We got to see the Golden Gate bridge many times. The picture is the greatest but we didn't have time to stop and park so this is just us going over the bridge
Muir Woods. My personal favorite place. It was peaceful and calm (a little chilly) and wheelchair accessible! Josh pushed me all around through the mud so I could see all the cool leaves and trees. Ah, this place was magical and the perfect pre-surgery meditation spot. I have never felt more peace then I did in these woods. This is where I knew,everything, no matter what happened, was going to be okay.

Ya, I liked my hats so much I started wearing them before I started loosing hair...:)

My dad said it probably isn't a good idea to wear them to bed...ya I tried!

My moms is the greatest moms in the whole world! I will never fall down with my mom next to me. She has been a complete angel.

Japanese Tea Gardens :) Day before surgery right before we went and picked up my dad from the airport. Look close and you can see my Green Fruit Loops!

I can only imagine how long it takes them to do all the yard work! Yes, this is the first thing the Schlappi's think about! It was beautiful though!

We felt pretty cool... we are pretty cool!

 Waiting at Olive Garden for our last meal before surgery. We were so hungry!
Dad wanted a close up of the Fruit Loops. There were nine total. Three obvious ones right in front and three on the right side, one on the very top of my head and two on the left. They were like navigation buttons for the doctors. I felt like I had just eaten my cereal too fast! My dad wanted to go buy some more and glue them to all our heads so I wasn't alone! I got the weirdest looks...and free dinner! Fruit Loops were worth it!
The people that will never leave my side no matter what happens! I love them so much! I get them forever!
This is it. This is where we met the Dr. and team and the whole thing took off. This is when I felt every single prayer. This is when I needed peace and this is when I felt it. The minutes in this little room will never be forgotten.
I am my daddy's girl. I don't know who really was more or him! We both put a smile on and had more good laughs about my cereal head. I LOVE MY DAD!!!!!

Don't remember this picture. I don't remember leaving the little room but this is where my family said goodnight for 7 hours!

I am awake! The very first thing I remember hearing was all three of them saying "ah she has so much hair!" Wonderful first words! This is in the ICU where I spent my first hours brain tumor free. See that tiny part of the bed next to my left arm...ya that's where my mom slept all night. I was a bed hog!

 See all that hair below the horseshoe? No one else would have had it. My Dr. Berger saved all that hair! I think there was a picture put up earlier but this one is a little more clear. I have more piercings than the prophet suggests! 124 to be exact!

Just another angle

He never left my side and I smelled so bad!

MY FIRST WALK!!!! Best moments ever. It was so amazing to realize that I was going to be able to walk!

Back view of the masterpiece.. I obviously can't braid well
Sunday dinner! I fed myself...for the most part! Best feeling ever.
Josh's toes got cold too so he stole some of my cool yellow hospital socks! The whole family was in really bright socks that week :)

My flowers and the hat I tried to sleep in! They were the most beautiful flowers and the brightest part of my room!

Last dinner before going home! Chili's of course! Josh kinda likes there burgers...kinda :) Okay, he will do just about anything for a burger from Chili's

This is what we found for Memorial Day. It was unforgettable. I can not even guess how many tombstones were in this place. They went on and on. I usually don't remember Memorial Day but I will never ever forget this place. I really don't have words to describe my feelings.

We made it to the Pier! We had to stop at just about every bench and take naps and rest but we made it through the whole thing! The weather was perfect and it felt so good to be out of that hospital!

We found your donuts Cash! They did smell good! I am so excited to get back to my primary class! I love you guys! Sorry we couldn't bring any home

Me and my Moms on the pier just happy to be alive and together! We made it!

Well I know there are quite a few pictures but this was a little but more of our journey! All is well today and we hopefully get the pathology report any minute now! Life is wonderful!

AC in the house is broken...PS

Have a happy Thursday!

Tara Lynn Schlappi :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!!! You can come over anytime and use our ac. I loved picking you up at the airport yesterday! I am so happy that they got the whole tumor out of there! Those sights you went to are so beautiful! We can't wait to see you again!!!
The Bodreros
P.S. Awesome socks!!!

Heidi said...

I enjoyed the pics, made me feel like I was right there beside you guys. I am so glad you got to fit some fun stuff in on the trip!

Ugh, no a/c does not sound fun though.

Michelle said...

If you are on by chance, Cat will come and look at your a/c if your parents would like him to. Absolutely no problem.

Michelle said...

Just looked at your pics BTW, you are such a big goofball! ; ) I'm glad your trip to San Fran was not all hospital and surgery. I would love the pics of Muir Woods, Peaceful, my kind of place. Oh and regarding your text today, to quote YOU, "This is where I knew,everything, no matter what happened, was going to be okay." It will!!!
PS working interview today...I kept thinking why don't we just have Tara come back, she knows what to do... : )
Love ya Schlappi

Carrie said...

Dear Tara,
I love your pictures!! Isn't San Francisco breathtakingly beautiful? I know it will be associated with brain surgery for you, but I'm glad to see you were able to visit some of it's best places. Thankfully, it is in Mesa where you are truly beloved by friends, family and neighbors. In the Bay Area, the Saints struggle because the adversary rules supreme there, but God's creations are on display for everyone to see and enjoy. It looks like you felt great joy in those sights.
I don't know why you, and thus your family, are being tried so much. But you are loved by all. Your presence lights up a room when you enter for your spirit radiates so bright. We are all praying and fasting for you. Please know how much we love you.
Love, Carrie and Family - your Lake Powell & snowmobiling buddies!!