Monday, June 7, 2010

Happiness is blooming all around me

People have had a hard time commenting or posting on the blog and just as an update I tried to reset some settings so anyone can post. Email is also an option. I am sorry I do not respond to 90 percent but know that I read and re-read 100 percent of what is said and shared and I enjoy all of it. You really all are my angels and whenever I have my down times...I have a million places I can turn to immediately cheer me up! Thank you.

I have not posted in forever! Well I guess it just seems like it has been a long time. It is amazing what can happen in a matter of minutes. It seems like things are constantly changing and moving around. There are constantly new hurdles but somehow we manage to fight them all. My life has been nothing but a miracle since the last post. About a million things have happened and there has been a lot of really good news. Much of it may be a little too personal for the blog but please know that all your prayers of comfort and peace and love and healing...are being heard by our Father in Heaven. The Schlappi family is doing very well today. I feel 10 times stronger than yesterday and this morning...I skipped! I had tried little jumps earlier but today I tried a full on skip! Amazing! The doctor said I could even go swimming as long as I do not put my head under the water! Swimming this afternoon for sure!

Man this whole thing can be scary sometimes. Many people have wondered if I know what's going on. I went to Girl's Camp with my dad yesterday and yesterday, I learned...what's going on. I am afraid to say this but it is reality. All of us are going to die. We are. The Lord will take me when he needs me. When I go, I do not know. It may be sooner than I would have wanted three weeks ago but I know without a doubt that the Lord will take me when he needs me. Ya, there are a million things running through my head but the most dominating one is that of hope and love. So yes I do understand the severity of what is going on but more importantly I KNOW whose hands I am in. I don't care what the doctors say because God is in control. Dr.'s would have said the Red Sea can't be parted and the blind won't see, the dead can't walk, and the dumb can talk but the most amazing thing is, with God anything is possible. I love my Dr.'s and I am so thankful for them  but they aren't in control, my Father in Heaven is. My life always has been in his hands and it will continue to stay there. There is so much peace in knowing that Heavenly Father is in control. I cannot even imagine enduring this trial without a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and the gospel. It is amazing how much you can learn in such a short time. It is amazing how alive the scriptures can become and how immediately, everything pertains to you. Life has new meaning. Life is beautiful.

This post seriously could turn into a book if I had the time and energy to write all my feelings and record all the miracles that are taking place. I think the list of miracles alone, could take pages! My true feelings seriously could take years to record!

Happiness is blooming all around me and I feel like a little girl again! I am so excited and happy about life right now. I am so happy it is exhausting and I really need a nap. Sorry this post was really random and crazy. Pretty much describes me.

Know that I love you and I always will!
I believe



Jaimie said...

Tara, I llove your post today! I am smiling right now picturing you skipping! You will be frolicking again in no time! ha ha(you taught me that word). What a testimony to us all! Love ya. Lori

Anonymous said...

Tara, You are awesome! I love to read your blog, you have such a great attitude and I know sometimes it takes a while to voice that attitude, but if we keep saying it, we can convince ourselves. Keep your chin up. Shelly

Holly said...

Hi Tara, you don't know me, but I think our moms are cousins. (My mom is Jaimee Henderson, Alene Kofford's daughter.) Anyway, I just want to let you know that I've been following your blog, and you are such an inspiration to me. Your optimism is contagious, and I always feel happier when I finish reading a post from you. Please know that you have been, and will continue to be, in my prayers. I'm so, so sorry that things have not been going as well as everyone would have hoped. Thank goodness for our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. Thank you for your testimony and your positive attitude! We all wish you the very best!

Leserlee said...

We will continue praying for you. It was so easy before the surgery to know what to pray for, but now, with everything, it's so much more abstract. But we can pray for you all to have peace and comfort, so we will do just that.