Monday, March 18, 2013

The Greatest Gift

Becky again...

I just had to post some pictures of our recent trip to Hawaii.  Tara, Josh, Nathan, Scott & I went to Hawaii for spring break. I managed to be lucky enough to be at the beach 2 years in a row for my birthday!  BUT, the greatest gift of all was watching Tara & Josh enjoy themselves immensely and especially watching Tara actively participate in all the activities.  I was completely thrilled all week long.  Here are some pictures:

This was a highlight of the trip - an 8 mile hike!  Tara hiked ALL 8 miles!!!  The views were spectacular and the best part is that she made it!  She told me after the hike that she has been hesitant about doing "physical things" like running the bases for women's softball or exercising; because she didn't think she could do it; but after this hike, she believes she can DO things now!  Yea!!!  To me, hiking this far is miraculous after what she's been through.  We gave Tara the option of staying at the beach only 2 miles in; but she hiked on to the waterfall the extra 2 miles.  So it was 4 miles in; 4 miles back.  She was awesome!!!  And she wasn't any more sore than the rest of us after the hike.  The only not sore hikers were Nate, his friend and his friend's parents who were with us.  They are marathon runners and were not sore; but the rest of us felt it.

I loved the big patches of bamboo on the way to the waterfall

This was at the END of the hike!  She doesn't even look wiped out!

 The first evening there; Tara went to the beach and wasn't planning on getting IN the water; but couldn't resist.  She got in, splashed around in the waves, shreiking and laughing the whole time.  She got her head wet (a huge deal for Tara) and then laughed and yelled, "I feel sooo free!"  My head is fine and I got it wet!  Tara is truly ready to move on beyond her GBM and she wants to forget it all happened and she wants me to treat her normal.  (can I ever forget and really do that??)

A pretty cave - either Pirates or Raiders of the Lost Ark had a scene filmed here.

We walked around the Grand Hyatt  - it was amazingly beautiful and we dreamed of staying there; pretending we were rich and famous, but we don't need a Hyatt because we have really generous friends who wanted Tara to stay in their roomy house on the golf course 1 mile from Poipu Beach!  Thank you generous friends!!! They made the trip much more possible and affordable.

One of Tara's highlights (the other was the hike) was a boat trip we took around the Na Pali coast.  She and Josh just delighted in this whole adventure.  They played "Titanic" on the bow and generally had a marvelous time.  The scenery was beautiful and completely amazing!  We saw whales as well; which was an added bonus!  She was smiling for hours on end during this trip. I was the only one not smiling as I was the one seasick halfway through the trip.  Tara tried to offer me food or ask me if I wanted anything; and it was my turn to be disgusted by food - the smell of food just sent me sick again.  So, I got a tiny picture of what it was like for Tara for so very many days to not want food and be nauseated.  I was so glad she felt amazing during this whole adventure!

So, here's to living LIFE!!! I could not have asked for a greater gift than watching Tara LIVE.  She did have a little seizure scare; but warded it off and she was fine.  Tara said she feels pressure because I'm so happy when she's happy.  I told her that I am happy all the time; but I just stand in awe when she feels good - I'm still not used to it yet; and I will NEVER take it for granted.  Not one moment of life ever again will be under appreciated!  ( at least I hope so!!!)

I think that's why she's been so absent from the blog - she wants to put all this cancer stuff behind her and be normal.  She even made her own chicken noodle soup yesterday for her lunches this week!  Woo hoo!!  

Love you all..... thanks for caring, praying, loving Tara, and being there for us!!