Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am getting married in the morning

Well good morning again! I swear I tried so so hard to sleep! I finally gave in and came to send off a little last note before I become Tara Lynn Bodrero. :)

Yesterday was amazing...I know I say that a lot but really, everyday is so amazing. Today I KNOW will be even more amaing-ER! The best thing is knowing that the next day, can be amazing too. It CAN be, it is just all what we make it. My view on each hour of each day has changed. Ya I have bad hours, really bad hours, but I have good hours and I guess I just have to be thankful for the good ones and try to learn from the bad ones.

Yesterday I was able to attend the temple. It was the most spiritual experiences of my life that I will cherish with me forever. My feelings for the temple are special and I think I am going to keep them with me and not share them here.

Just know that yesterday was full of ups and downs but the ups far far overcame the downs. I learned from the downs, so yesterday was amazing.

Can you believe the weather? Another one of those miracles that has been coming my way! Out of all the weeks of the summer, this week happens to be the coolest! Today the high was the lowest of the whole five day forecast! Not one of the lowest or average...the lowest! There was a nice breeze yesterday and everything! Today is going to be perfect!

And I am on a two day food break and loving it! Subway. Ate it. Cold Cereal. Ate it. Deep fried tortilla. Ate it. Chicken, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes. Ate em. Lemonade. Drank it. And best of all, cake...devoured it! I am just counting down the hours until breakfast cause I am going to eat it all!! :) I really think it could be unhealthy for people to just be this excited about eating food. :)

Well no doctors until Tuesday! That quite possibly could be the greatest wedding present! I am so excited to marry my best friend. We have been through so much together and we have a long road ahead of us. I cry without a doubt every time I talk about Josh so I better not get started. I wish I could tell you how much I love him. It takes a special man to put up with a girl like me, for FOREVER!

I will have Chol or my momma put up some pictures cause I am taking a few days off!

Oh last funny few things that never got posted but really needed to.

Remember how my right jaw was all swollen and how I complain about not being able to open my mouth and my jaw hurting? Okay so maybe my mom only remembers the complaining...anyway, the Dr. just decided to tell me that in surgery the CUT my jaw muscle! Well that explains a lot! I thought I was just crazy! They gave me exercises to do to help get the muscle back. So if you see me randomly opening and stretching my mouth...Dr.'s orders. :)

Next thing.
All of my doctors ask me the same questions! A nurse will come in and make me move all my arms and legs and look at my eyes then have me touch my nose and spell world forward and backward and tell them my birthday and where we are and all that jazz and then the Dr. will come in and do it all again! Seriously people, take notes! Then I will go to a different Dr. right after and the whole process starts again. And they take your height and weight everyday, at every office! I am pretty sure the report reads... 8:30AM height: 5 7, weight: 136 and then at 9:00 it reads height: 5 7, weight: 136.2. I think I just need a sticker on my shirt that says my height and weight! Really I don't think I am going to grow much between today and tomorrow! This is supposed to be short and sweet but venting is kinda fun sometimes...oh back to what I was originally going to say... So I am at the Dr and we have been through all the questions and then he throws me this crazy curve ball. How many nickels in a $1.20? I sunk. I sat there for at least a minute and a half and could not figure it out for the life of me. I put my hands in my head and just said I don't know. You should have seen my parents faces! Priceless! The greatest thing is when we came home at family dinner we asked the question and chol quickly said, "40" We all gave her a funny look and then she went through the same thing I did. She was counting on her fingers and everything. We finally had to tell her. It felt so good to know that I am not really losing my mind...I am just Rachels sister! So if you come over and we ask you how many nickels are in a $1.20, the answer is 24! :)

Tomorrow I am down to one med! :)

See ya tonight! I will be the one in white.
Keep the faith and prayers coming.

Well.....for the last time

Tara Lynn Schlappi


Heidi said...

Happy Wedding Day!!!

I don't even have the words to describe how happy I am for you-- I will see you tonight as Tara Bodrero!

christy said... have to write a book! I find myself laughing one minute and then the next, trying to hold back not to cry!!! (But still do) How do you do that? You are so amazing...I will be thinking about you, again, all day today and look forward to seeing your beautiful smile tonight!!! HUGS...(123) :O) (I love you)

Leserlee said...

How many nickels in a $1.20?!?! They expect you to do long division in your head? Who wants to do math? Anyway, I haven't checked the time, but I think you are getting married this afternoon. Hooray for you! We will continue to pray for all of you!

Sarah Beck said...

Tara---Happy Wedding Day!!

I wish I could be in Mesa to celebrate your wonderful day!! I'm so happy for you and for Josh, there is nothing better than being married to your best friend! You are going to be the most beautiful bride and I hope everything turns out just the way you have always dreamed! I told my mom to give you a great big hug from me tonight. Have a fabulous day! I'll be thinking and praying for you!

Emily Sue said...

oh my goshh!!!! yay!!!! im so uncredibly happy for you!! i love you!

Susan said...

I am quite sure that I was the last non-family, not at the wedding person to see you as T. Schlappi. You looked beautiful!

r&k skousen said...

The day is finally here!!! Yeah! It is so awesome to see how happy you and Josh are. I love to read your blog and am so incredibly happy for you guys. It is so cool that you just "get it" you are so aware of what is really important and what really matters. I know you will have a forever of happiness together. Never forget how you feel today. Cherish every minute. You and Josh are so lucky to have each other! Enjoy your day!!
Love, Rich and Kelli Skousen

Gpa and Gma Adams said...

O! What a night....Could it have been anymore perfect? You were Beautiful Tara. It was all Beautiful. We were Blessed to be part of it. Love you all, Pam & Blake