Saturday, June 5, 2010

A little note from Becky

Tara is one amazing girl.  She is a liar when she said we all go to bed with smiles on our faces - but I'm so glad she does have her smiles. She's speaking the truth about herself. We did have a fun pizza night.  She picks up her Dad and myself when we need it the most.  She does usually have a smile on her face.  I am eating healthy now also - it's something I've needed anyway.  I've tried it in the past; succeeded some; but never totally conquered; but we will conquer now!  Nate is home now from an activity he had with boys in his church. He was gone when this all happened. I told him his job was to be happy while we're eating the healthy stuff; and to continue to be the best brother possible for Tara.  That's not hard for him, and it's not hard for Rachel either (to be the best sister, that is!).  Our family has really pulled together the past few weeks.  Ryan and Steph and Brig come and make us smile as we watch Brigham's antics and they are a great support also.  We miss Travis; but he texts Tara from Utah. 

Just want to personally say thank you for all your prayers and love.  We wouldn't be standing upright without all the support we have been given.  I am so glad I have the gospel in  my life to draw strength from, and receive strength from our Savior.  We also receive strength from our family and friends who are continually praying and fasting and loving us.

We'll just keep trying to put one foot in  front of the other one.  Tara goes to Girl's Camp tomorrow with her Dad. That should be a wonderful experience for her.

Love you all!!!


Heidi said...

We love you, and of course we're still praying for all of you. I'm so glad that you all have each other for this. Thank goodness for family!

Debra said...

I've been trying to come up with something profound and life-changing to say. Needless to say, words don't mean a lot. I couldn't sleep last night thinking of the myriad of emotions you and your family have experienced. I know that the Lord only gives us trials to make us more Christ-like and Celestial, but I think I will have some questions for Him. Just know that you are in our prayers constantly. Learn a lot from this so that when it's all over you can teach us when we are called to experience a similar trial. We love you. You give us strength. What a blessing to have many loved ones around. We went to the temple yesterday and put your name on the prayer roll; which I'm sure has been done many times. You are the focus of our fast today. - Debbie Jensen

Cindy Dove said...

Tara, You have become such a beautiful young woman, inside and out! Weren't you just a Mia Maid? The pictures of you and Josh are gorgeous. What a wonderful couple. I pray the Lord continues to bless you with His strength and love as you overcome this trial. I know He will. You are a miracle in progress! Love, Sister Dove

Becky & Scott, I am glad Heavenly Father has your family firmly in His arms. You have an incredible daughter and she has incredible parents. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Cindy

Lael said...

Just adding my prayers to those of your amazing and wonderful family. I was grateful that your Grandmother Pat told me about your blog. You come from a family of survivors and your heritage and determination and your dedication to the Savior will continue to sustain and carry you through. One of my favorite quotes is from a marathon runner named Marc Davis. His quote says "All it takes is all you got." Right now you are running an especially difficult marathon and are giving it your all. You have a great cheering section praying for you every step of the way. I,too,believe in miracles.

Debbie said...

Becky you have my thoughts today. I am amazed at Tara's strength and hope. She is wonderful! We are praying for you and hope that you are feeling some peace. I am certain Heavenly Father knows your needs. Love you..Debbie Boyer