Monday, November 24, 2014

For Tara's faithful followers:  (from Becky)

She (as you all noticed) no longer writes much on this blog - she says she wants to forget about the ordeal of cancer; and this blog reminds her of it. She still comments on her life and posts pictures of Addie on instagram quite often; so follow her there. Just search for Tara Schlappi or Tara Bodrero on facebook; and her instagram name is tarabodrero.  I have copied a post from facebook to put on this site.  Words cannot express (again) how grateful we are for all the prayers and support in Tara's behalf.  She is one loved girl!  I do miss her writing and hope she will one day start writing again; but for now please enjoy pictures of Addie and her Joshua and herself on instagram.  She loves life and we never, ever take one day for granted!!!  She still struggles with residual stomach / disgestive / leg hurting issues likely due to all the meds these past years; but is going to start a regimen from a herbologist in a few weeks.  She has been switching seizure meds (after she finished nursing Addie) so she can get off Dilantin; then she will start the "healthy meds."  The herbologist is hopeful that after 9 months; Tara can have all her organs working properly again.  So, we are grateful for every day with Tara and her family; although she does suffer pain; I am hopeful that will go away.  Many days she seems not to suffer at all; so that's a good thing. She has been very tired the past month as she added more seizure meds - you have to add meds before you can take any away...

I don't know why I have cried the past two scans; it's tears of relief and tears of "here we are again - facing the brain tumor world" and also tears for others going through cancer battles.  So many emotions all at once.  Tara is amazing to me and I am so lucky to be her mom.  Addie is one very loved little girl and the greatest thing in the world is to see Tara with Josh &  Addie.  We wouldn't be where we are today without all our friends and family and prayers and our Heavenly Father.  We are soooo grateful!!

Love you all!  

Tara's facebook post:

Well he's going to retire! I might have cried when we had to say goodbye... At least he gave me a good report on my beautiful brain!! NO CHANGE! Love you Dr. Shapiro it's been a crazy 4.5 years and I'm glad you were my oncologist!
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