Friday, June 25, 2010

Smoothie recipe

Many of you have asked for my green smoothie recipe. Thanks to Monica Adair whose "job" it was to find a green smoothie Tara liked; here is what we do:

Fill a blender 3/4 full of greens (I use spinach and kale, can use swiss chard or other greens)
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 banana
1/2 dropperful Stevia
1/2 dropperful vanilla Stevia

(Monica uses 2 packages of the crystal kind of Stevia)
1 cup frozen berry blend from Costco

Fill with water and ice to the 2 cup line

That's the basic recipe and then you add whatever fruit or veggies are in your fridge that you want to get rid of. I have put pineapple in (it's really good) plums, raspberries, carrots, celery, and tomorrow I'm trying cantaloupe and flax seed oil (3 Tablespoons per blender). I might even throw some quinoa in there and see if my magic expensive powerful blender can grind the quinoa up so well my family won't notice what they affectionately (or not so affectionately) call BROWN BUGS. If I have enough fresh berries, I skip the Costco blend; which I will again try to skip in the morning because I have cherries, plums, and peaches that I need to use. My family does not like this at all if I skip the bananas (they affect texture). My neighbors are getting used to me running around scouring for ripe bananas in the morning. I always seem to run out... Another friend puts whey protein powder in hers which I want to try to help Nate play football and basketball faster and better! (ha ha) Maybe just help him GROW taller; but I'm afraid tall genes are not in the cards with the Scott Schlappi family...

You normal people can all use Agave for your sweetener or if you dare, just plain old poisonous sugar; but Tara can only have Stevia. The vanilla flavor Stevia is really good. I found a website that sells Stevia cheaper than I've found it so far; but you have to order $100 to get free shipping (otherwise it isn't cheaper than the health food stores) so let me know if you want some and I'll put an order together. You can email me at

I have to admit when I saw Tara on the radiation machine Thursday; I was pretty intrigued for a minute or two; but had to take another brave break when I left the room. I need to remember to be grateful for the technology that is helping her instead of sad that she has to lie on that big old bed with a big machine whirring around her in a large room all by herself. I don't like what it represents; but once again Tara came out of the double doors with a smile on and made me stop my brave break and pick myself up again. I am going to get her a mat from Costco to lie on at work when she needs to rest for a few minutes - so far she has been lying on the floor. After day 1 of radiation she did bring a blanket and pillow to work with her which I'm sure helped. She seemed better day 2 than day 1. Day 3 (today) she said her head didn't ache too bad; but she did throw up already. Many of you have been asking me how Tara is doing with the treatments; so I told you the truth. That's how she's doing. Generally she is doing okay and she remains positive. My mission this weekend is to find a way to get some peppermint under her nose while she's in radiation so the smell doesn't bug her. My sister is helping me out on that one. I am also on the lookout for crunchy, salty, or sweet snacks that Tara can eat. Not easy to find. I am starting to try the healthy food in all the bins at Sprouts. One little bean or nut per bin I try at a time. Tonight I tried some bean thing with salt on it and it was so awful I gagged and had to find a quick garbage can. Rather embarrassing. This complete healthy eating deal is tough; but we are finding a way. I didn't think we ate bad, I always have tried to cook vegetables and I even can grind my own wheat and make my own bread (remember the Little Red Hen story?) but the completely healthy eating is quite a change to our lifestyle. I am feeling better however and I don't crave sugar as much as I used to - so that's a good thing.

Thank you all for your continued support of our family!



Natalie said...

Tara, you little fighter, keep up the amazing spirit! Thank you for the facebook post, it was just what I needed today! I love you and the marvelous example you've been for me. I wish there was something I could do for you. If there is, please let me know!

Leserlee said...

Maybe you can put some peppermint extract in her mask. When Abigail went in for her second surgery, they let the kids pick a "flavor" for their mask that the anesthesia was administered through. And it was just like peppermint extract, though they had all kinds of different scents. Maybe you can do something like that for Tara's chemo.

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's Mesa (89)
2050 East Baseline Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85204

This is a great place to get healthy foods. Maybe you can find some snacks here. I am keeping your daughter in my prayers.