Thursday, June 10, 2010


Last night I got more sleep then I have ever had! I had 6 straight hours without a single bathroom or medication break! Now I can conquer today! Man my body was so tired! I had all these great plans for Wednesday and I was going to be "productively restful" the whole day. Plans changed when the our radiation Dr. called and asked us to come in a little earlier. We of course arranged for the appointment and left for the hospital to meet our new doctor at around 1:30 in the afternoon. We were gone until past 6!!! My medicine almost makes me act like I am on speed sometimes and I cannot hold still. I felt bad at the doctors because I was swaying and fidgeting. I was just so restless the whole time. The Dr. yesterday was amazing though and in those hours we were there he was very clear and straight to the point and he really really helped us understand everything. Us, being my mom and dad...the unmedicated. I actually did listen and learn a lot even though i couldn't hold still. With my medicine I really feel like myself 80% of the time. Right now for instance, I don't feel a thing. The only problem is I need to figure out how to time my medicine so I am not crazy during the most important parts of the day...aka sleep! So I took my meds earlier and said a little extra prayer and slept last night! I just need to make sure that I am awake for the wedding! I will get that timing down! Today we get to go back to the hospital so they can make my radiation mask and take a CT scan and start some of my blood work and other lab test. Staples come out today too. Temple dress and wedding playlist on the list too! Eat, nap (my mom always orders these...they never happen!) smile and family gets in town today! Packing my room? I think I am just going to shove my room into a few boxes and call it good! Man, today looks like it is going to be an amazing day, yet again!

I tried to imagine where I would be like without my family and friends carrying me through this and it made me really really sad, so I stopped. I am able to be happy and positive and hopefully through this because of all you! Keep the prayers coming!

We really did learn a lot about treatment and my parents took great notes. Sometime in the near future my momma will fill you all in. Best part is, a lot of good encouraging news!

Keep smiling

Tara Lynn :)

yay breakfast time!


Heidi said...

Sleep is a beautiful thing-- I'm glad you got some last night!

Emily Lynn said...

Tara, I am so sad I wont be back in the US in time for your wedding, I will be down in Arizona 19th or so and I would love to come see you and give you a big hug!! I am so glad you were able to get some sleep! My mom said the wedding is coming along beautifully!! love and miss you!! emily

Mandy&Dave said...

Tara, we are so excited for you!!! You deserve this special time with your family and your sweetheart!! Congratulations!

My mom is still in Germany but she gets in on Friday night and I sent her all the details on the reception. She's so happy that she'll be able to make it. Best wishes to you and your hubby to be!

The best wedding advice i got was to drink lots of water and eat breakfast on my wedding day. (Its hard to enjoy the day if you are hungry or dehydrated!!) Also a good idea....assign someone to pack up some wedding food for you to take as you run away for the won't realize how hungry you are till you leave the wedding. May as well have good food with you!!

You totally deserve this dream come true! We are so happy for you. Enjoy every minute of it!!

Mandy (Miller) Clive