Thursday, June 3, 2010

more news

We are so blessed. We have so much good news but today we were dealt with the other side. I know my sister previously posted but I wanted to write a few more sentences. We will keep you posted as promised. today we found out the the tumor I have is in the bad category. I am not exactly sure what it is called and we don't know everything but we do know that it is a grade 4. There are 4 grades and I am at grade 4. We still have hope and we still have faith. We still need and appreciate all prayers. I feel okay inside but we are a little shaken. I will need to start chemo and radiation therapy as soon as possible and we are working on creating our team on doctors currently. We will keep you updated and we do appreciate all your prayers and thoughts. My mother needs a lot of prayers and love. Please remember her too. She loves me so much. Please keep your smiles on...we got ours on! We appreciate everything love you all! Thank you. We will have more information soon but we are not sure how soon. They need a few more days to run tests on my tumor in San Fran. The doctors are in touch with us and will will keep you posted. Thank you so much! I am young and I am strong and I still have tons I people I have to bug! Imma be around for a while! Enjoy every moment! I love you guys!

I believe

I love

Tara Lynn

Oh and just as extra info....they are going to try to harvest some of my eggs and save them for later! :) Sorry that's a lot of extra info but it was good for me to hear! Smile!


Leserlee said...

Hooray for harvesting eggs. It might be TMI for some people, but not for me. We will pray lots and lots for all of you.

Heidi said...

You are definitely still in our prayers, your whole fam plus Josh-- I still believe too. We've seen miracles already, what are a few more? Nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Love you so much, hang in there.

Jean said...

I agree with Heidi--what's a few more miracles? I know it is scary--we will all be praying for you every step of the and lots of hugs!

Kerisa said...

Sorry to hear the bad news, but keep fighting! We believe in miracles also! Our continued prayers will be with you and your family. We love you tons!
-Kerisa, Boyd, Morgan and Dylan

Tami Schlappi said...

Tara... (this is Anna)
I am so, so, so proud of you!! I could never in my life do what your doing...You will never leave our prayers!! Keep believing and hoping! Tara, you have more faith than anyone I know, and I just love how you are so positive and you just know everything's gonna be alright. And YOU know that, "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow..."
I love you Tara and I KNOW you will be okay!!
btw: Congrats on your engagement!! Josh seems like an AMAZING husband 4 you!!

with all LOVE and HOPE:

<3: Anna Gibbons :)

Huish Family said...

You seem to be in the best hands, have an amazing attitude, and a wonderful support system. So just take it one moment at a time, pal. And please give your mom a fat hug for me.

In our prayers!
Tiffany Huish

Aselin said...

There is so much hope in your beautiful life. Thank you for sharing this news with us, even in the shock. It gives us purpose in our prayers. You are all in our prayers as you take this journey. Much love, The Maloneys

Gpa and Gma Adams said...

We love you all.
Pam & Blake

christy said...

Tara...We are so so sorry for the news...hang in there. You are strong! Keep Believing...we do!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Josh and the family, always. Tender Mercies are so real and will be there for you.... Many HUGS,
Love you so much,
The Cluff Family

Kay said...

We live in a day of Miracles and Tara you are one BEAUTIFUL Miracle. Denton and I both work in the Temple and I must tell you all that your names are put in the Temple at least a 100 times EVERY day. Tara remember, You are young and strong and with the family and friends you have by your side you can do anything!!! It won't be easy BUT you can do it!!We love you and have appreciated this blog. Denton and Kay Rogers

Avon said...

Hey there Schlappi family and especially Tara! First off, Here's a huge ((((((((((HUG))))))))). Sometimes things happen in life that we do not understand. However....if there is anybody who can overcome this Tara, it is you sweetie. You are amazing, strong and have incredible parents. Keep your chin up ok!! Love you all.
Avon Massad and family

Val said...

Keep fighting Schlappi family!! You are continually in my prayers! I love youuu!

r&k skousen said...

So sorry to hear the news but we know you will make it through all this. You are so amazing and there are for sure more miracles in store for you and your family. You have already blessed so many lives with your story. Keep the faith and we will keep you all in our prayers. Love, Rich and Kelli Skousen

Bokeesha Becky Lee said...

VH! SO many VH's it's uncountable. Love you Ter

Michelle said...

Tara, just a quick note to let you know how good it was to see you. I have really missed your goofiness. To be honest, it porbably did more good for me to see you today than the other way around. You have such a great attitude, (and yes, some days we all have to fake it, it gets us to the next day). Hang in there.
Love ya, Misha
PS ask the Dr. when you see him if they can fix that issue you're having with the seeing the color purple. I'm sure it will be easy...gooooffffy ; )