Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finish the visit to surgeon post

Okay, back to the white stuff.  It is crawling around some in the brain - we are really wanting this stuff to be not attached to brain cells or the membrane that is linked to Tara's left side and her sense of touch.  After all, she is a talented pianist among other things!  So, once again, no guarantees, but there is hope she can come through this surgery 100% normal.  That is our prayer and our hope.  She has age and health on her side.  Dr. Peter also said that often the way a person goes IN to surgery is how they come OUT.  She is going in with no memory loss or vision problems, etc.  Her only signs she has a tumor are her severe headaches and some dizziness.  He did perform a few motor skills tests and her left hand does not respond like her right hand, but he did say that can come back to normal after the tumor is removed.  Surgeons are careful not to say too much, I think.  He said sometimes they predict one thing; and another happens, and vice versa. 

We are so very thankful to Dennis Crandall who helped us get into Barrows so promptly.  He was a wonderful escort!  Dr. Peter already has Tara on medicine she needs to be on to help reduce that white stuff before surgery and she's also on the right pain meds instead of the ones that thin  her blood which she should not be taking before surgery also.  So, we're thankful we actually got to talk to a brain surgeon today and find out more about the whole process.  Barrows could be a good option for us - St. Joseph's is a fabulous hospital and Barrows seems to be on the cutting edge of technology.  However, after a family prayer tonight and more news we had this evening, it looks like we will be going to San Francisco for the surgery performed by Dr. Berger.  I believe that Dr. Peter is probably a great brain surgeon and Barrows is a fantastic facility; but in our hearts we feel more settled and at peace about Dr. Berger.  Thank you Dennis for all your help - it really was so helpful to see Dr. Peter today.... we really needed that consultation.  Dr. Peter had also heard of Dr. Berger and thought highly of him.  From what we know, Dr. Berger is one of the best in the nation for these types of surgeries.  There are too many miracles to think that these things are just coincidences.  Too many events in the chain of events to ignore. 

Here's another miracle:

Dr. Berger left town and was supposed to be gone for 3 weeks; but his schedule "changed" and he will be back and able to perform surgery May 28th - an unexpected opening in his schedule because he is coming back to San Francisco early.  He does not usually perform surgeries on Fridays; but is going to make an exception because of the holiday on  Monday.

It is nothing short of divine providence that Kent Nelson was able to meet with Dr. Berger personally last weekend and get the MRI to him.

 Many, many thanks to Jerry, Dennis and Kent who have been the hands of the Lord in this whole process.  They are always there for advice and are such a good sounding board.  With this team, how can we fail??

So, we're off to San Francisco next week.  Thank you all for everything.  We appreciate so much all of our dear friends.  All the prayers have helped so much.  The hand of the Lord just has to be in all of this!!!  It can't not be!

Many of you have asked how I personally am doing.  It's been a tough week; but I am at peace most of the time.  I know the prayers are helping.  Last weekend was pretty tough.  I feel better now and am so hopeful and feeling good about Dr. Berger.  I don't cry every time I talk about this anymore and I'm not afraid we're going to lose Tara anymore.  We will get through this.  Someone in an email today said sometimes you just have to take things 10 minutes or an hour at a time.  That's what I'm doing.  I really feel everyone's love.  It just wraps around me when I see oranges at my doorstep, food brought by friends with tears in their eyes, cards, etc.  Thank you all so much!  We have enough food for now.... we still welcome your prayers and love and email and texts.  We are going to carry on as normal until we fly to San Francisco which will be Tuesday evening most likely.  We are only waiting to hear we have the operating room scheduled for May 28th at 7:30 am.  Rachel and Nate will be fine here without us - Ryan and Stephanie will attend Rachel's graduation and be the vicarious parents for Rachel and Nate.  Give Rachel extra hugs at graduation for us.  I'm sorry to miss that and Seminary graduation also.  The timing for the surgery is pretty critical.  Tara and I will be gone about 10 days and Scott will be gone several days also - we have to leave 2 days before surgery for prepping.

Surgery is scary; but unavoidable. I wish I could be here where friends could visit in the hospital; but we all will feel your love from afar.  We'll get to know the hotel and the hospital very well.  Tara may lose her beautiful hair. She was joking about cutting her hair off and making a wig with her inches of hair and Rachel's 12 inches of blonde hair she saved from 2 years ago - wind them together and have a wig with highlights?  What do you think??  I may be wig shopping in my spare time - we'll see.  We are all unanimous that the right surgeon for Tara is more important than her hair. 

Thank you all so very much!  I will probably not post again for awhile - we'll be in a holding pattern until surgery. I will try to text after surgery or get to a computer.  That is the next scary moment.... we'll enjoy this coming week before we take the plunge!


Leserlee said...

The Lord's hand is showing for sure! I cannot believe how fast this is all happening. Such a blessing. When Abigail had her two surgeries, the doctors cut off some of her hair (not all of it, but still) and I was a bit bummed about it, but it's hair, it will grow back. And as we wait for it to grow back after this second surgery (which was over four months ago) I'm just greatful that I have her cute face and personality to balance out the funny hair dos. Plus, she gets to wear cute hats and such to church. :)

Kerisa said...

We are praying for you! If you need anything, let us know. Boyd is off next Thursday, Friday, Saturday if you need any advice or anything. We love you all so much!
Kerisa, Boyd, Morgan and Dylan
PS. San Fran is a short flight if you need us to come down. :)

doodlekat said...

i'll be in san diego on the 28th - at 07:30 i will send all my love and thoughts straight to you in the or - we'll be rid of the tumor in no time!! lots of love, bobbie

Anonymous said...

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