Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 more weeks

Becky again...

Tara is on antibiotics again - I don't even remember which kind this time.  But, we are back to the antibiotics making her sick all the time.  It isn't going to be easy to get through these next weeks.  Tara really does feel pretty sick when she takes them.  So, she's trying to get through the forced "facelift" of the entire head being opened up again and then stretched; as well as the sick feeling from antibiotics.  I saw the shipment of antibiotics at my doorstep again and just about cried right then and there.  My stomach gets this sick feeling again and that medicine just about resembles poison to me.  I'm sure it's even more poisonous to Tara.  I just hope and pray they work; and her body will be able to return to some semblance of normal and be able to fight off her own infections after all this forced help.  So, when you all pray; please pray specifically that Tara will be able to EAT, and that she will be able to endure these weeks and regain some strength at some point.  No food sounds good to her - we're just happy if it doesn't BAD.  She's tired of resting and not feeling good.  Chemo is going to be put off again; but that's ok with me - she's so sick already she just can't handle anything else while she's fighting this infection.

We are going to Lake Powell and Tara is trying to make the best of a trip to Powell when she can't even really get in the water.... she made me promise not to cancel it and knowing Tara, she will enjoy the things she CAN do; and not mope about the things she can't.  Maybe I'm the only "moper" around.  She has that port accessed sticking out of her chest again, and she will also have stitches in her head as well; so no water for Tara.  I guess she can wade.... and hopefully get some splashes on her while she rides a jet ski....

We're enjoying a visit from Scott's parents - they wanted to come see Tara... and Tara also loved having her friend from college days here after the surgery; so it's been good to have some diversions.

Thanks for your specific prayers; we wouldn't get through this pathway without our army praying for us!  I was talking to someone today and realized how blessed we are - I needed that today because I've been negative about having to take antibiotics again.  As I explained the tumor, I realized again how blessed we are that Tara has all of herself working, (even though she's weak) and the tumor didn't have fingers spreading around - she had a great surgery; which helps.  So, there are always those miracles I have to remember when I feel a little picked on (or rather, I feel like Tara's picked on..)  We just have to gut through this hard time...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good news!!

Guess what?
So Tara's infection is in fact not MRSA but it is staff!! YES! And the doctor said staff responds well to anti-biotics which means... it can kill it!
aaand... don't you worry, there is more good news!
The doctor is not going to make Tara take Vancomycin!!! He said he wants to put her on something that is easier on her and doesn't make her feel as crappy.
So tonight and tomorrow morning they are going to put her on different anti-biotics and if she responds well she can come home!!! Yay.

We love good news.
And thank you for all your prayers!!!

Party in room 6N-04!!

Hello blogishpere,

Rachel here. Tara asked me to blog for her so... here I am! Lucky - you guys get to listen to me ramble. But really, we have been here in this room siiince... Oh I don't even know. A long time. The days are all jumbling together. Yesterday Ryan, Steph, Brig, and Cami came and visted her. They played Rook and kept her company. Even though Tara just had brain surgery, she and Ryan smoked Mom and Steph in a game of Rook. Skills.

Last night I got to stay with her. It was definitely my first time staying over night in a hospital room and not being the one hooked up to IV's. But, the hospital does have decent couches... so that's nice. So Tara and I watched Project Runway until about 10:30 and then she decided it was bedtime... I decided it was bedtime at like 9:00 o'clock - I was so tired... but I stayed awake with her and we had a grand ol' time eating nasty hospital food and watching Project Runway. But she seemed okay last night, she had pain and her nurse wasn't super great at giving pain meds to her. So that wasn't very nice... but tonight will be her last night in the hospital!! So, hallelujah!

Oh and here is an update of the happenings of the hospital.
  • The plastic surgeon ended up cutting open the whole scar instead of just the little 2 inch seam that wasn't closing... That was unexpected but he said he just wanted the whole thing to close up nicely. He also shaved some of the bone to make it better...
  • They found some infection in there... it may be either Staff or MRSA. We really really reallllly don't want it to be MRSA. But regardless she has to go back on Vancomycin. And that is no fun. No fun at all.
That's pretty much it I think... I haven't been there today, so I don't know if anything new has gone down.

Tara seems to be good, Dad is finally home so she is a happy girl! Keep the prayers! And especially pray that her infection is not MRSA!!!
Tara loves you guys...

ps, here is a close up of her head....
At least they are stiches and not staples right??!