Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Day

Well today the journey began. I woke up and took my first pill at 6:30. This pill makes me so I don't throw up when I take the chemo. Then I had the chemo pill at 7:30. You are not supposed to eat before or after the meal so breakfast really hasn't happened yet. I had radiation at 8:30 down at Barrows and then I have work til 6:45 right after. They tell me I am going to be tired because of the meds but I think I am just going to be tired from long days! No wonder I am ready for bed at 8:30ish. The coolest thing about this morning was Josh and I calculated how many weeks of treatment I had. I have 62 weeks of treatment ahead of me. That's 14 months. Guess how many staples were put in my head after surgery? Ya I had 62 staples and we asked the nurse to keep them. So I have 62 staples and I think I am going to throw one out at the end of each week to celebrate and have a little count down. I guess I am going to have the hardest time these next few weeks because I am on the highest dose of radiation and good news... they are almost positive I MADE THE TRIAL!!!! Infusions of the medicine don't start for a few more weeks but that is good...I don't want an hour and a half  infusion right now. All went well with radiation there was just a funny smell but the mask wasn't as bad as yesterday and I think I will be just fine with the radiation part. Anyway, it's going to be a great day. Josh and I are busy moving in and out and in and out. I think I am allowed to say now that we are moving into the Gulbrandsen's home for the next three years while they are serving as a mission president. We are super excited about this opportunity. We have been blessed in so many ways. Now we may just have to find a riding lawn mower...that lawn is huge and I don't think Josh and I can handle it without a riding lawn mower but whatever happens...I will assure you that we will be smiling! Have a great Wednesday. Josh and I almost got hit by a car today...horrid accident...we are still a little shaken up about it so I will have to explain later. Thank goodness Josh is a good driver and changed lanes really fast before the car changed directions. It hit the car in the lane next to was really scary but we were both wearing our seat belts! pictures of the mask yet but hopefully later this week!

Tara Bodrero

We will win


Emily Sue said...

yay! tara you are so great i love your blog so much! and i'm so happy you are living in the Gulbrandsen's house, how great. i'm in such awe at how positive you are. you are just an inspiration to everyone around you! and i love you a lot!! love,
emily peterson

Daily Johnson said...

Good luck Tara! I can tell the Lord is with you!


You go girl! You are going through so much right now, but you will get through it with your awesome attitude! Jared and I were so impressed with how many people wanted to come by and see you at the reception...we are sorry we couldn't wait in line to say hi! We saw you from a distance, though, and you looked gorgeous! Good luck with everything!...hope you are loving married life!
ps-what a close-call with the car accident! Glad you are safe.
Jared and Christine Williams

Heidi said...

Good to hear that you are OK! I hope you are surviving your day. I found that right about two hours before the end of my work day were the hardest, so I'm thinking of you right about now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara, I read you postings as often as you post them, and keep you in my prayers daily (thats five times a day for a Muslim!). My daughter is now six (and a half she insists on my saying it) and has been enjoying four years of NED (No evidence of disease). She too had a brain tumor (Meduallablastoma) that was very large and had spread to her spine, she was classified as an M4. She was diagnosed just before her second birthday and went through 5 rounds of intense, high dose chemo therapy, and a bone marrow transplant. Her treatment was all in patient so our hospital stays were long. The community was wonderful as people from so many Churches and Mosques came together, prayed together, gave blood and did everything we needed to sustain us. Our daughter, Ameena, had her resection in Northern California, and her treatment in Los Angeles. Every step of the way there were tests, trials and blessings. Every step. Faith helped, even during the days I was upset that this could happen to my only child, and such a small child at that. I got a lot of support from everywhere, as you do now. You have my cousins in Palestine all the way in the Middle East also reading and also praying. Ameena showed courage in the face of something that we could not really control, or understand. We could just learn and pray (or pray and learn). She shows me that every day the small things should not matter and every day I am thankful that she is such a vibrant girl. I pray to see her grow, graduate, marry and have kids. I know your mom's feelings very well, and her hopes. I also now have those hopes for you. I look forward to 62 weeks going by quickly, with ease, with love, faith and patience. 62 weeks then a beautiful life to build everything you've dreamed of with your new husband. Thank you for sharing your journey. Kind Regards, with love, respect and peace. Shadiah (

Lynette said...

Thinking about you. I'm glad the first day went well. You are a trooper! That accident sounded horrible. I'm glad you are ok! Hope all goes well on day 2 and forever! Love you

Ingrid said...

love you sweet Tara. You'll be just down the street but we will miss you in the ward...aww