Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's not over

Hey everyone... Rachel here

So i guess i get to be the bearer of bad news. That is pretty much my job through this whole thing. So fun...
This post will be short and i will tell you what i know, which is not much.

Today we all found out that Tara's tumor was a Grade 4. That's the worst one in case you didn't already know.

Anywayy... what does that mean??

It means 6 weeks of Radiation and a year, yes a whole year...crazy, of Chemo.

That's basically it.
I'm sure there will be more information as time goes on with what she will do about the wedding, if she will be going up to BYU in the fall, and what she is going to do the next year later. We can't figure everything else out in one night.
Dad and Mom and maybe Tara, I'm not really sure... are in the office with Jerry Shockey right now. He has been so great to help us out so much with this whole thing. We couldn't do it without him!

This has been super hard on all of us, and mom wants me to say for you guys not to call her. She needs the weekend off... i guess. You can call me if you need to. But i might cry. Who knows.

Well! Thanks everyone for all your love and prayers!!
We are still going to need them.

Love Tara's Favorite Sister in The WHOLE World,


Lynette said...

Tara, you can beat this thing! You are young and so full of faith, and your positive attitude will carry you though the next year. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I can bring you cupcakes everyday for a year if it will help!!! Seriously! I'm not kidding! Love you tons. Lynette

Leserlee said...

I just keep remembering what Tara has been saying through this whole ordeal, "Heavenly Father won't give me anything I can't handle, so He must think I am pretty strong." Tara, you are amazingly strong and will be able to work through all of this. I know it!

Lisa Marie said...

Well... I guess I know what I'm fasting for tomorrow. I love you Tara (and the whole Schlappi family)! We'll continue praying for strength for you. HUGS!!

Lisa Frandsen Stonehocker