Thursday, July 1, 2010

I ate a snickers...don't tell my momma! :)

I decided that I may skip the hot fudge on my brownie today because I just had to have a snickers and let me tell you it was worth it. I have never had so much happiness in one small bite-sized snickers bar. Really it melted in my mouth. I have been waiting for Thursday for it seems like forever! Okay maybe I am being a little dramatic but life without chocolate is really hard for me so this was a big deal! Today was the best radiation day I have ever had. We were thirty minutes early so I actually stole the 8:15 slot from the guy who is usually there. They came out to get him and saw that I was there so they set up the room and took me back. It was pretty quick and easy and I really like my nurses that are filling in while the other one is on vacation. I walked out and saw the man who is usually before me. My mom was talking to him and learning his story. Tomorrow is his last day of treatment and his treatment is in his spine. my appointments permanently go to 8:25 on Monday so I guess I am taking his slot. It kinda felt good to realize that I may never see that man again. I guess I will probably see him tomorrow but to think that he made it through everything and doesn't have to come back. It just gave me hope that I will never have to see those people in the waiting room again too. Not that they are bad or mean people but just that I don't have to go back. it really does get easier every day and today I took a nice nap on the pad at work. It was just what I needed. I wish I could post the mask pictures right now but they are on my moms computer so that can't happen. I have found it harder to post sometimes because when I get home i have no free time. Not complaining at all. I love having my best friend excited to see me and hanging out I just had so much more free time when I was single. Being married is amazing and I could not imagine this any other way. He may be the reason I am able to stay positive. He is always just picking me up and making sure that I am happy. He tries to eat my "interesting" foods and drinks the green smoothie and even pours his milk in a cup when I am watching...I am telling you he is a serious keeper! Tomorrow I have a day off so maybe I can get the pictures up and all that fun stuff. Have a good Thursday...even better...tomorrow's Friday!  Keep a smile on your face even though it is about 109 outside right now!

I believe

Tara Bodrero


Emily Sue said...

yay!!! tara i just love your posts thank you for writing them! glad to know you're loving married life.

bethina99 said...

My favorite treat is snickers. I pray for you and your family every night. I love your positive attitude. You are an AMAZING WOMEN.

Amanda said...

You are so strong and so positive. I love reading your posts. You make me want to be a better person. You are a inspiration.