Tuesday, July 20, 2010

nap time

So today at work I woke up at about four in the afternoon in my dad's office. I had no idea how I got there or when I got there. I guess I fell asleep in Shelley's office and then made my way over there. I guess I must have done a bit of sleep walking. Well I have been losing more hair and I can feel it falling even more with the fan on. We just decided to take pictures every few days to mark my hair loss progress. I am so glad today that I cut it when I did. Life has been absolutely amazing lately minus the air conditioning unit being broken and the leaking ceiling. I have had so much happiness fill my life this week. It seems like everywhere I go people are just smiling and happy. I need those smiles even though it is a million degrees outside. My Aunt Tilly had her baby today. She was due in five days but we all know that the family reunion is in five days and we can't have childbirth and labor interfere with the reunion...Tilly was induced and had a girl earlier this morning. :) Ha we are serious about our family reunions. I am so excited to see my new cousin and I really don't think that is why Tilly had her baby today but I would not be surprised. Only a few more days of treatment! I have almost made it through the worst!

A lot more is gone from a week ago... and there is my scar...i think it is funny to look down at my keyboard and see it covered with hair...this fan is blowing my hair everywhere...I am so glad it isn't long

You can see right where they are radiating...my ear has taken quite a beating

Front still looks the same...

 This one is kinda blurry but he ain't never going to let me go. He takes such good care of me

Goodnight..tomorrow is one more day closer to a day off radiation!

Today Stephanie's mom and twin sisters drove me to radiation. They are growing up so fast. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see Cami and Whitney in the car when I walked outside. Thanks for coming girls and for making me smile! The Cluff's are amazing

I'm a gonna make it

Tara Bodrero


Shauni said...

T-bomb. That shirt you are wearing is wicked cute.
And so is your face.
I love you.
See you tomorrow.

christy said...

Tara...my girls loved being with you today too. YOU always seem to be the one making US smile!!! We sure love you!
P.S. Give Brigham a big HUG from us when you see him. (oh ya, Steph and Ryan too.) :O)

Susan said...

Tara, you are beautiful!

Heidi said...

Wow, sleepwalking in the office, huh? Nobody saw you wandering around?! You must be one tired cookie. :-)

Lisa Marie said...

Cute shirt!