Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Day

Yesterday and the few days before were not fun days. I was so tired and so worn out. Yesterday I was so tired it was hard to breathe...I have never been that tired. Today I had a day off work and for some reason I was completely full of energy. I have felt good all day long! I went to radiation and then I had my hour injection for the trial and then we saw Trina in the hospital. I was feeling great so my mom took Nate and I to lunch for my birthday after we cleaned up the guest house we were staying in. Then we went to the temple for a few hours. I was so glad I got to go spend some time with my little brother. I really never get to spend alone time with him and he is growing up so fast! I am full of energy right now and even more encouraged to get these last 5 treatments over with! I think the Lord knew I needed an encouragement day. I am rather excited for Saturday to come. I will be 21 and it will be the very first birthday that I have spent in my home. Yes every single other year I have been out of town for my birthday. Last year it was at Lake Powell and the year before it was Alton Utah...The year before that was Utah and the year before that was southern Utah...I would and could continue on but most of them include Utah or somewhere on the road between Utah and Arizona. We are just always on vacation the last week in July. My 12th birthday I was home on my birthday but my mom and two brothers were in Europe. So this summer I am spending my birthday at home with my whole family...minus trav. I get to eat whatever I want! Brig asked if he was invited to my birthday party because I was invited to are so cute. It is amazing how much happiness kids can bring into our lives. Brig always kisses my head and gives me hugs and talks about how the doctor is going to fix my head...he still says ouch when he looks at it. Anyway it is time for a wedding reception and I am rather excited because I have enough energy to go! Have a great night!



Heidi said...

So glad to hear you had a good day!!!!

Happy 21st birthday!

5 more to go, you can do it!

Makay said...

Happy Bday! And I am glad you had a good day! :)

You are in my prayers.

Love, Makay

Avon said...

You are amazing Tara. You are always in my prayers.

Sarah Beck said...

I remember your 12th birthday!! You stayed at my house because you're parents were out of town and we went bowling with some of our 6th grade friends haha! Those were the days! Glad you had a great day!

Jeni said...

Happy 21st birthday Tara - it will be special to be at home with all the people that you love and who love you! Enjoy and have fun. Love from South Africa!!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I just found your blog and wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!! You will be in my prayers!!!!!

Barbara said...

It is fun to hear the excitement in your voice.
So happy that you are having an energetic day...Being 60 year’s young myself I feel those days occasionally too!! Happy Birthday by the way:)