Friday, July 16, 2010


Let's start with the mask...

See that white thing in my nurses hand...that'y my mask I have bonding time with everyday. See how far up in the air I am? Ya they tell me not to fall off that table. The thing at the top is where the radiation comes out. I can see the blue lights when it is around certain areas. There are little knives that move around and protect areas of my brain that the radiation is not supposed to hit. They are not really knives I just call them that. The computer tells that head where to go...maybe I will get a picture from my view so you can see up in the head. In a later picture you will see the head underneath me. That is so it can shoot from below. The head moves all around and the table does too...they say it is like Disneyland... I beg to differ. 

They always ask me questions and I can't talk because they mask is so tight so I give them the thumbs up...they really like it...sometimes I grunt too. You can see the green lights they used to line my head up with. They take exact measurements everyday. This picture doesn't show how tight it is but you can see where they screw it to the table...see my long pretty hair coming out the side? It is never in the way anymore!

This shows the head at the bottom. No radiation is being shot at this point. They can't shoot any with people in the room.

This is me waiting for blood work. I sit here every week and I will for the next 59 weeks. I am rather cold every time so we bring a blanket

Here comes the can see how much my hair has already thinned since Sunday... I try to be brave when they stick me with needles. Dr. Jared you will be happy to know that I am taking extra good care of my teeths! :)

They got it in and the trial has begun...thumbs up...I have not had an IV since the hospital...I don't miss these things but the nurse did a really good job and it really wasn't that bad..all is well. 

Trying to sleep and keep my arm fell asleep many many times. 

I made it to sleep...I am one tired cookie

Well I am off work today and I have already been to treatment and back. All is well and I am just tired...I may be this way for the next 14 months. We do not know if I actually got the drug for the trial and we probably will never know. The only reason they would uncover me and find out is if we were having problems or if my tumor comes back...I pray I never know whether or not I am getting the medicine. Have a happy hot Friday and if you want to add people to your prayer list please remember Trina Day and Tony Bodrero. Both are in the hospital right now. They are not fun places and everyone could use an extra prayer. Bishop Huish called me today and I am so excited for our new ward. I know that they will take good care of us and hopefully we can help bless others in their ward. I will miss my ward so much. It will be weird to not have my dad as the bishop and to not see everyone every week. I have been in this ward since we moved here. I am glad we still live so close so I can go and visit so I can see all those faces of friends who have prayed and fasted for me and given up so much for me and blessed me with their talents. I love my ward and I know I will grow to love my new will just never be the same as the ward I grew up in. I will never forget. 

Today's agenda

Clean the fridge
Bug sister
take a nap...a long nap
make a chain counting down days till radiation is over

mm sounds good to me! 

Sorry there are so many pictures

Tara Bodrero



It was interesting to see what radiation looks like! I can't believe how great you look without hair! are beautiful both inside and out. Good luck with everything! I will pass the word on that you are taking good care of your teeth...Jared has some toothpaste for you...
Christine Williams

Heidi said...

We are so anxious to have you in our ward. You will be a blessing to all of us!

Leserlee said...

I can see why you don't like your mask. I would be so claustrophobic in it. You are amazing to keep such a happy disposition through all of this!

Lisa Marie said...

There are so many old Citrus Heights people in the Estate Groves ward. So it's kind of like moving in with cousins. They've always been family, now you just get to know them better. :)

Rachel Schlappi said...

I'm so glad that Bug sister was on the list...
And i'm so glad you texted me today!

but here's the deal.. you actually did bug me, just a little and i'll forgive you if you make things right... but texting me did not bug me, what is bothering me is you are wearing the shirt i have been looking for for at least 2 months!! grr

christy said...

That is so funny Rachel! You sound just like my girls...(smile). My twins are sitting here with me as we read Tara's new update. It really puts things in perspective when you see these pictures now, of Tara and what she has been telling us about. I am claustrophobic too so I would really have a hard time with that mask? Tara, you are so brave and so amazing...We love you all so much and are keeping you in our prayers. (We will remember Trina and Tony, too) Hugs, The Cluff Family

Heidi said...

Thanks for posting the pics, it's so interesting to see what it's like. Just like the others, I think you are so brave to make it through that. I am even more glad that you are over halfway done!!!

Anonymous said...

Tara, I love these pictures! My sister said to tell you that you definately are the prettiest girl with a crew cut ever! I'm so proud of you and Josh for going to the temple every week! You are both an inspiration! I think we are going to Utah in the morning so I miss you already!!!! Keeo me posted this week. Love, Lori

Ingrid said...

Love you Tara. Miss you already. You look beautiful!!!!!

Natalie said...

Goodness, Tara. You are amazing. There's really no other way to describe it. If you ever need anything, even just a buddy to color with crayons with, let me know :) I am a professional crayon-colorer. And let me tell makes life good. <3