Sunday, July 18, 2010


This post has nothing to do with how I am doing or anything new with my treatment or anything. I came to the computer with the intention of blogging but all I can think about is Mario. I grew up in a house that never ever had video games and Josh has introduced me to Mario and I am making up for all the lost years. It is so much fun but I am horrible. I think we calculated and died over 130 times...pretty sad I know but I am learning. Well it is late and I would love to write more but I spent all my time playing Mario...sorry all! :) I will try to budget my time better tomorrow! I am doing great and I am super happy. Both of our parents are out of town but we have someone new driving me to radiation everyday. I am actually looking forward to the next week and best of all...this Thursday we leave for the family reunion. Life is amazing and I can't believe I lived this long without Mario...and Josh! I am a super happy girl and loved the new ward today. It was kinda hard to go to church after seeing my old ward in the halls but Josh and I were good and went to church in our new ward. Well let's all have an amazing week no matter what happens. Goodnight

Tara Bodrero

Maybe tomorrow I can type extra fast and play some more Mario...maybe :)


Heidi said...

Did you guys beat the game yet? :-)

colleenroselle said...

yey i lovve mario! i can't believe you didn't play video games growing up!!

p.s. i love reading this blog. tara you are amazing.

Amy Williams said...

Mario is the best, I got super mario brothers for christmas and it occupied all my free time til I beat it, so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are enjoying Mario, I think it is good to have a diversion. Shelly

Jean said...

Tara, it was so fun to have you and Josh share taco night with us! Thanks for hanging out with the Leavitts for a while. Really good to see you both!