Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trial Day

My heart is going about a million miles per hour. Today is trial day. Today they inject me for 1.5 hours and the medicine is "mean" as the doctor called it. We are not sure if I will get the medicine and at first we were praying that I did but I am really scared now and almost hoping that I don't. I don't want to get it if I am going to have all those side effects but if I can help medicine by being in a study I will do it. So ya I am scared but I know that when it comes down to it I will just walk in there and let them do what they need to do. I have officially completed more than half my radiation treatments!!! I have completed 16 out of 30. Only 14 left. I get sicker each day but somehow I manage to get up and keep walking. I still think it is all the prayers. You think after two months people would settle down with the prayers and the kindness but they don't. I always have people tell me that they have not forgotten me in their prayers and people still just want to help. I still need the prayers and everything. Joshua is probably the best thing on this planet and I really think he may be an angel in disguise. He helps me up the stairs and he makes me feel so beautiful just the way I am. See, I am the luckiest girl in the world. For everything bad that has happened there have been about 15 good things that have happened to offset the bad. Well, my mother should be here soon to take me to my treatments and then work. I took a three and a half hour nap the other day at work. See, I am so lucky...who gets to sleep at work? I guess I have lost weight because the doctors are telling me to eat five meals a day and lots of protein...another good thing...don't we as girls all wish that our doctors would order us to eat more? Well I don't know why mom isn't here...she will be soon...I guess I will go get my green smoothie and get ready.

After today we are down to 13 treatments! Yayy

Have a happy Thursday...tomorrow is Friday!

Tara Bodrero


Makay said...

Tara I will pray all goes better than you think. I am glad you are over 1/2 done. God works wonders. He is the ultimate medicine, for the mind body and soul.

Love, Makay

Heidi said...

Hooray for being on the downhill side with the radiation!! Hang in there, Tara. I'm so glad you have Josh. We will still keep you in our prayers, of course!

Carol King said...

Tara, This is your old neighbor from KY writing. I've exchanged emails with your mama and have been reading your blog. You are in my prayers several times a day. I certainly hope the trial went well today. My 56 yr. old brother-in-law recently completed radiation and chemo similar to yours (he had throat cancer and wore a radiation mask) and his hair is growing back quickly. I know it was traumatic losing your beautiful hair but embrace the fun, cute hats and scarves! There is so much I'd like to say to you, but "comment" should probably be shorter than this. :-) I remember reading stories to you and Rachel when your mother was teaching piano to Jared. Maybe someday I can read stories to your little girl! You are blessed with a special family and husband. Cherish them as they do you. Stay strong and brave. Love, Carol (King)