Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grey bracelets

This is Becky....

I ordered brain tumor bracelets from the American Brain Tumor Association today.  If you want a bracelet, you can click this link and purchase them in lots of 5 for $5.00.  We know you support and love Tara and our family; and you don't need to wear a bracelet to show it; but just in case you're curious about where to purchase these, this is how you do it.  I bought many today and plan to pass them out at our family reunion next week.  All proceeds go to the ABTA (American Brain Tumor Association).

I think we may have mentioned on the website before that Tara walked into radiation at one of our early meetings with a yellow bracelet on which she thought was supporting cancer.  Terri Thomas, one of our favorite people we work with, informed Tara that was a "testicular cancer bracelet" and that testicular cancer is very treatable and has a high rate of success in removal and longevity; (of which I am very glad because we have a close relative who went through this).  Anyway, Tara decided at that moment she would rather show support for her own brain tumor instead of testicular cancer; so we ordered grey bracelets.  The bracelets are grey which represent the tissue of the brain.

Enter this website in your browser and then look in the top right hand corner and click the "store" icon to get to the grey bracelets.  http://www.abta.org/

I told Tara today that we will measure her progress by how she climbs up the stairs to work every day.  In a few months when she dashes up the stairs it will be very exciting!! Today she noticed the elevator on the main floor (there are two flights of stairs to the office) but I told her that she should still walk up the stairs. She rests at every landing.  Watching her walk up the stairs is one of the hard things for me.  I'll let Tara tell you the rest of how's she's feeling; hopefully she'll have time to post today.

Love you all!

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