Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today I ate half a watermelon! I just sat at work and ate watermelon for about thirty minutes. Today was a slow day at work because everyone was gone but I found productive things to do for a few hours. Then I clocked out and took a very nice...watermelon break. I just sat there with my big watermelon and ate and ate. It is good for me to be eating watermelon. Today at the doctors we had to test for a bladder infection...not fun! They told me to drink lots of water and they are hoping it is not an infection and if it is they are going to try to catch me before I catch my plane so we can call an anti-biotic up to Utah to get it filled. I cannot have any infections in my body at all right now. They have me on all the medicines I am allowed to take with all my other drugs and that helps with the pain. So let's all hope that I don't have a bladder infection. They take super good care of me at Barrow's and they are going to call me on my cell as soon as they find out. They said it would take 48 hours and I told them I would be out of cell phone range by then so they said they would make it work faster. I love texting and calling my doctors...imagine just a few years ago when they could not call you or you them whenever you wanted. I butt dialed Terry 8 times today on accident. She called me back all worried because I had called 8 times! She said all she could hear was music and it was most definitely Josh and I singing as loud as we could with the music...if only she could see the dance moves that were going along with it! We have way too much fun in the car and I am sure that we scare people around us but little kids like to watch us dancing at stop lights. Well I am feeling rather nauseated so I have to go soon but I wanted to say thank you to the Dyar's who blessed our poor tummies with food tonight!

Tomorrow's the day...let the packing begin!

I took a picture of the sky tonight that I want to put up. It looks like a hand reaching out. I felt like it was God's hand reaching out taking care of this earth and all his children. I felt like it was his hand for maybe I cried a little looking at the sunset.

Arizona has the best arguements


Tara Bodrer


christy said...

See Tara...there you go again...I find myself smiling so BIG when you told us about your doctor hearing you and Josh singing away! (I loved it)...and then, in the very next paragraph, you remind of us of the beauty of an Arizona sunset and who is behind it...and I find myself tearing up. I love how you can do that. -It truly is the simple things in this life that make us happy......Have a wonderful time at your family reunion!!! HUGS

brooke said...

i TOTALLY agree about Arizona having the best sunsets. its no joke! Its nice to hear you're doing well! But i have to admit, every time i read "Barrow's", i think of the pizza place. Every single time. So this time when it said "barrow's is taking really good care of me" i was this girl must eat a lot of pizza! especially if that means Barrow's pizza is giving her free stuff and really takin care of her!

then i was like, oh.


Anonymous said...

Tara the champion watermelon eater!!!! We missed you and Josh sooooo much this week! Hope you had a grand vacation in Utah. Call us when you are home safe and come over and sleep if the air is not working. I saw a beautiful sunset in Utah and I thought of you! I wonder if you got to eat CREAMIES?????? Love ya, Jaimie and Lori

lj said...

I just started reading your blog, and I am so amazed with the kind of person you are. I don't think I could ever be as strong as you. Thank you so much for blogging about your experiences so we can all benefit from your faith and strength.