Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day at the Surgeon

I have to be quick - Rachel has a chorus concert - but I had to let you all know what happened today.  I know you're all wondering..... I would be also if I were in your shoes.  Thanks so much for the cards, gifts, food, and  most especially the love and prayers that have been sent our way.  We really, really, have felt them!!

Early today we left for Barrows.  Dennis Crandall was ON THE STREET by the parking garage directing us into the clinic so we could be personally escorted in and get prompt attention.  I cannot believe the personal care we get from our friends!  Hopefully his patient who was upstairs asleep waiting on his surgeon made it through the surgery just fine (ha ha).

We saw a surgeon I will call Dr. Peter because I can never remember his last name.  He spent 45 minutes with  us and he seemed very capable and knowledgeable.  He will not say exactly what this tumor is and cannot until he sees it with his own eyes during surgery.  Every single person who has looked at Tara's films agree it HAS to come out - the sooner the better.  There will be no biopsy or any results until the tumor is removed.  He did say he does not think it is lymphoma - yippee!!  This tumor is located in the right side of the brain and is 2 inches long and that wide as well.  The scary part of the tumor is that is has (I'm NOT a doctor) white "stuff" around the edges.  That white stuff is what creates the problem.  The tumor could by cystic; which is good; but once again, no guarantees until surgery.  The white stuff is located near the membrane or cells of the sensory touch area of Tara's left side.  He did a few tests and determined her left side has been affected to a small degree already - but she could get all that touch back after surgery.  I'll finish later - Rachel is an MC in the concert

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Tara, we are thinking of you and praying for you too! We enjoyed reading your post and are amazed at your strength and faith. Your testimony is beautiful. Keep that positive attitude! You are certainly not alone with all of the friends and family praying for you...You will get through this!!
Love, the Jared Williams family