Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We have a surgeon.

I am very excited with the news that we have just sent an email to our surgeon in San Fransisco. His name is Dr. Berger and we are very comfortable with him I cannot even count how many miracles have happened since 5:30 AM this morning. We consider ourselves extremely blessed. We are looking at surgery on May 28.2010. We will be traveling days earlier for testing and checking in. They have given the okay to fly which is nice. I feel at peace with all the progress we have made today. I had prepared myself for the worst this morning and was so happy to hear good news. They will operate on me and the surgeon that we met with today and personally met and watched Dr. Berger and he said that he is very good. Everything feels right. I can feel all your prayers still. More than anything I can feel your fasting and your prayers. I love them so much. Our door has been flooded with things and please know that my face lights up every time I read a card! I have a sunshine box I have created and it is those little things that pick me up! I plan on taking it with me to San Fran. 

The Dr. Peter today did put me on some new medications. He wants me to stop taking all the previous ones because of blood thinning. He gave me some meds that will help keep my brain from swelling and also some to help with my stomach because they are very strong meds. I feel very stomach sick but mt head feels great. 

I have been eating way to many coookies, brownies, and holy cow that pie today....! :) Please remember I still have a wedding dress to fit into! :) 

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY  appreciate all your prayers.

there are three things I know

1. The Lord thinks I am very strong. He will not give me anything that me and my family cannot handle. I know that I can get through this
2. Miracles happen when we have faith
3. Prayers rock! :)

Thank you so so so much! I am told to live a normal life until the day of my surgery.Normal to me includes a lot of laughing and smiling. I hope to be able to keep this up! My new meds are supposed to make me wiry and hungry (I know exactly what you all thought I needed!) :) I guess I would much rather be happy than sad. I may try to post a few pictures of the scans tomorrow. Hopefully we can get flights ASAP. We are lucky to also have Joshua off work so he will be traveling with us. We will have a four man army there physically and the rest of the army there in our hearts! We love you all so much. Joshua's face lit up when he saw a card addressed to him! I am a happy peaceful girl right now and I know that whatever will happen and has happened has happened for a reason. I believe. 


Tara Lynn


Natalie said...

Goodness gracious, Tara; you and your family are the center of my thoughts and prayers. Your faith is INCREDIBLE and you are going to MOVE MOUNTAINS with it :) You are awesome, and such an inspiration. I know that Heavenly Father has wonderful plans in store for you, and these experiences to come are going to benefit you in so many ways, in raising a family and heading a household based on faith and prayer. If you need anything PLEASE know I am here for you! Honestly. Give me something to do!! <3

Dallin said...

Dear Tara,

You are awesome. Thank you for being you. Reading about your trial brings tears to my eyes, but I know that if anyone can do this, it's you. You are one of the most capable young women I know, and I highly look up to you.

You're in my prayers and thoughts. Stay strong!

Dallin S.

Layne Mangum, Head Coach said...

Tara, I just saw your Facebook post and WOW! I had no clue. What a developement. You are very positive which is a great thing. Keep smiling. Everything works out for the better.

Even though I don't know you as well as others, I have come to love the Schlappi's as my own family. You're in an impressive crowd.

Thanks for keeping everyone updated. I will follow your progress and pray for you.

Much love,