Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures at the Temple

Tara's in her hour and a half MRI right now so I decided to put a few of our wedding pictures up. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to look at Tara's pictures again. She's more than gorgeous! The English language hasn't come up with a word yet for how pretty Tara really is.

Anyways thanks so much for all love everyone has shown my Tara : ) She's doing great and staying so happy through all of this and I'm convinced it's because of all the love that's been shown to her. This mountain of a trail has been more of an enjoyable hike because of all the friends surrounding us. Thanks for being there for us.



Daily Johnson said...

Tell Tara she looks beautiful!

Ingrid said...

Oh so darling! You are beautiful. What a handsome couple!

Nicole Hatfield said...

she looks gorgeous!

ktstratton said...

Great pictures and wonderful hair (Tara's) Thanks for posting, Josh. You are big part of the process Tara is going through and we are praying for you, too. Hang in there