Thursday, May 27, 2010

Come What May and Love It

last entry before surgery

I am not going to lie it has been rather hard to love the "come what may" today. I know that I will learn to love it though. Today I had all my pre-op appointments and hopefully there is only one more needle til tumor-less. Tomorrow is the big day. Wow, in 24 hours I will be awake! My nerves are starting to get to me but my dad just feeds me everytime I start to break down and it seems to work! :) 

Wow, what a day. I really don't know what to say.

Ah, let's go back to the second appointment. So the second appointment was my MRI. Not too bad, in fact I think I may have actually fallen asleep for about 20 minutes... It lasted an hour and a half. I hate when they put your head in a cage and tell you not to move for an hour and a half! I was a good girl though and held as still as humanly possible. I was scared to swallow my own spit in fear that my head or neck would move and mess up the picture. I wanted to ensure that everything was as perfect as possible. I met with one of the technicians who will be a part of the surgery tomorrow and he agreed to take a camera in the OR if Dr. Berger says it is okay. He also is taking my tumor from me...yeppers I signed it away. How can you turn them down when they say that they need it to help other people...I guess I do have a heart. So, the tumor will be in the custody of science after tomorrow. I guess my grandchildren will just have to be happy with pictures (plus how would you store a fat tumor? ha) He told me that he has worked with Dr. Berger on about 400 hundred surgeries and reassured me that I will be in the best hands possible. Ah, computer is dying I have to pick up the pace. 

Okay so the third appointment was the coolest and I can explain it later. They targeted a whole bunch of places in my brain and now know what areas I use most and what areas to touch and not to touch. They told me that I have a beautiful bright brain and my reflexes are fast. In two hours I only moved my head 1 milimeter! The hardest part of this test was I could not fall asleep. I sang every primary song I know, twice! I was doing everything in my power to stay awake. It was a warm room and I really don't remember the last time I was that comfortable! ah battery is really going fast...I will write more after surgery

Last little thing real quick. 

I wanted good food before the red jello starts so we drove to Olive Garden (mostly for the free breadsticks) The food of course was amazing but the part that got me the most was at the end they came and covered our whole meal At first I thought they were going to cover our dessert and I was super excited about that but I was blow away when the manager came and told us that the whole thing had been taken care of. Thank you Naomi, the manager, and our hostess! It about brought tears to my eyes. Dang it, I wish I could write more! 

Man I am having bad luck. When I pushed submit my computer internet time ran out and I lost my whole post. Sorry my computer is too dead to try to re write it all.

I really wanted to tell you about my new green fruit loops!

I have nine fruit loops glued to my head now. They shaved a few places and replaced them with green marking dots. I look hilarious. Pictures will be up in about a week when we get the connector chord back for the camera. Please feel free to laugh we have been doing it all day!

Ah man I wish my post was not lost!


I am scared to death

I love you

I love you

Thank you for your prayers.

I believe

I love you

I will write more after surgery

I love you


Tara Lynn

Pray for peace


Layne Mangum, Head Coach said...

Tara, good luck. I can't wait to hear the results and know that you have come through with shining colors. God will be with you tomorrow.

Love your pictures. Josh is a lucky man.

christy said...

We are with you all the way Tara...Praying for Peace. HUGS...

Ingrid said...

We will do exactly as you ask, pray for peace. Love you Tara.

Heidi said...

We're all with you in thought and prayers, Tara. Everything will be fine, we love you so much.

BTW, you look so beautiful in your wedding pictures!!!

Jean said...

All is well, Tara Lynn. You are in good hands. Thanks for sharing your brightness and your fears with us. love you girl. Take it on!!

Gpa and Gma Adams said...

Tara and Family, We Love you all so much! Your attitude inspires us. Our prayer never ends. Loved your pictures. Sweet Dreams.....

Michelle said...

All will be good!!! It has to, you are meant to do great things. : ) Sweet dreams.

Huish Family said...

I wish I would have requested a small piece of Sadie's tumor so I could stomp all over it! Maybe they could do that for you. Or maybe your mom and dad would like the opportunity. ;)

In all seriousness though, Tara, Josh, and Schlappi family, we have indeed gained a great love for your sweet family in such a short time. Thank you for your examples and display of faith. Though far in distance, we are here for you in any way.

Tara, Tara... my, you are so very brave. May much peace and comfort come your way as you sleep, in your recovery, and in your road ahead.

Big hugs,
Love, The Huish Family