Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday update

Tomorrow it will be one week! Can you believe it? It has been a long week! In one week I will have my tumor out and I will be on the road to recovery so I can finally be normal again! I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world
1. I have an awesome blanket I take everywhere and it keeps me warm and loved
2. I have a million people praying for me every single day
3. I have yummy treats to take my meds with
4. I get to take my bridal pictures with all my hair
5. I found adorable hats at the store today that will totally cover up the whole right side of my head
6. My medicine makes me extremely tired and makes sleeping so easy!
7. My family loves me so much and will do anything for me
8. I got my braces off and my teeth look great! :)
9. I have amazing friends who constantly check in on me
10. Smiling never hurts (sometimes laughing does)
11. My sister watches over me every night to make sure I am safe if I have a seizure
12. My Joshua never lets go of my hand
13. I feel at peace with my surgeon
14. I get to sleep during the surgery while everyone else has to stay awake
15. I get to fly to San Fran instead of drive
16. After surgery I get to stay at someone's house instead of a smelly hotel room
17. I know that whatever happens will happen for a reason
18. I am learning a lot about me and my strengths and weaknesses

Today was another pretty good day. I am tired a lot more than usual but I still get to be pretty normal. My pain medicine makes me a little weird and I feel funny and loopy a lot but at least there is a medicine that can keep me from feeling like my head is going to explode and I only have to take it for one more week.

I can never say thank you enough for your prayers and everything you have done for me and my family! We truly appreciate every little thing!

Only a few more days! :)

I still believe

Tara Lynn


Autumn said...

I am roommates with Carolyn Kindt, and I she told me all about what she knows and told me to read this blog. You amaze me. You are so positive, even with all this going on. You are able to find the good things in life. You truly are amazing Tara. I am praying for you and know that you are in Heavenly Father's hands.

Lucas said...

Tara you rock! keep fighting!
Love you!

Amy Ruben said...

I love how you are so positive! I'm so excited that you will have your beautiful hair for your wedding pictures! You are awesome! You can do it :)


Heidi said...

I love, love, love your list!!! Keep thinking of all those positives...hang in there. Love you!