Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just got word

The braces are a coming off

I just got them tightened yesterday and I got em hot pink baby! 

Guess I will just have to look my age after all!


Tara "Too Happy" Schlappi


Carolyn said...

Oh Tara, I love you a bunch. I love your sense of humor. :) Last night I had a dream about 9th grade volleyball and Coach Carlson! We had a good time, didn't we? Anyway, I love and miss you. a lot.

Carolyn Banfield

tina said...


Although I haven't seen you in years, I remembering changing your diapers, sewing outfits for you & Rachel and cooking many meals for the Schlappi family. I love your faith, sense of humor and positive outlook. I've praying for you and Mom & Dad since I got the news. Chuck & I love you. Tina Brietigam