Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're leaving ICU!

The good news this morning is that Tara is doing well enough to leave ICU. The good thing about leaving ICU is that Tara does not have to be woken up every hour and she will have less tubes hooked up to her. Every hour a nurse was supposed to come in and ask Tara 5 questions (along with checking her vitals). What is your name? Why are you here? Where are you? What time is it? What day is it? After the first time the nurse went through the questions; the nurse did not need to ask them anymore. When the nurse started checking Tara's vitals and starting waking her up; Tara would say, "are you ready for your report?" and then Tara stated rattling off the answers to the questions without being asked. At that point, the nurse decided she was a low risk case and let us sleep for 1 1/2 hours at a time before waking Tara up. Last night was not fun, but every day and every hour will be getting better from here. Tara stays pretty doped up on morphine and vicaden. She is to the point this morning that she's only taking vicaden and not much morphine. Her dad is presently shoving breakfast down her mouth whether she likes the oatmeal or not. She said it's the grossest oatmeal on the planet; but Scott is determined to make her eat oatmeal and some eggs. She has faithfully turned down all colors of jello up to this point - it was really good to see her try to sit up and eat some real food this morning. She still looks pretty dopey. The surgeon was generous and did not take an extreme amount of hair - the scar is smaller than we thought it would be.

So, there are 3 of us waiting on Tara hand and foot. She should get out of the hospital on Monday. Thanks again for all the prayers that have been sent our way. I think we're through the worst of this now and things will only get better from here!

Love you all,



Heidi said...

I'm so grateful things have gone so well. Keep us posted on her recovery!!

Leserlee said...

So great to read the updates! I'm glad she is doing so well. The thing about hospital food, unless you are a patient at Primary Children's, it's pretty gross stuff. When I was in the hospital after Bryant I actually snuck out of my room and went to the cafeteria and had a hamburger for lunch! And the patient food at Primary Children's is way better than the cafeteria food. At least you will only be there until Monday (hopefully). I am glad Tara is out of the ICU, and that you can find things to keep you all busy. And hooray for getting off the morphine! That's awesome!

Beth Stratton said...

It's wonderful that everything appears to be going as good as it could go. Keep up the optimitstic spirits, everyone. As Beth and I were watching the birds at our bird feeder this morning, I thought of you (Tara) and how you must (or will) treasure the "moments" that are so precious (like watching birds....). Here's wishing you all a quick recovery so that you can really enjoy your big future "moments".

Barry and Beth