Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Do you see an orange in there? I can't!!! 

Another Miracle? Really? I just woke up! Awesome! 

We were not sure if we could get the operating room on May 28 but early this morning our good friend Jessica called and has been the most helpful "over the phone" person. My dad usually gives all the people he talks to over the phone the middle name of "no nothing" but Jessica is different. She is Dr. Berger's assistant who has also become our personal helper. She told us all about transportation and hotels and flights! She also said she would do her very best to get that OR room for us! She was very kind. 
Thanks miss Jessica!

okay so now for the hats. 

As you may know my hair is LONG! I have been growing it out for forever. I have always wanted long hair for my wedding and well I guess I will have half a head of long hair! It is kinda hard for me to grasp. My sister offered me her blond hair she cut off last year and I could make a brown and blonde wig. It would be pretty cool to wear her beautiful hair everywhere. Anyway, this blog is not really informative at all but I do need your help.

My aunt Coco said she could do hair pieces but if they cut off half my head won't that be hard? 
Do they even have cute hats? 
Please women all over the world who actually have style (unlike me) lend your advice!


Tara Lynn

PS I woke up this morning feeling great! No headaches at all yet! I feel normal today! 
Maybe I will swim and go to lunch and let my momma spoil me! She likes doing that lately!
I love ya all so much!


Natalie and Trent said...

You amaze me Tara. I was so sad when I read the news. I am so impressed by you and your whole family. More prayers and thoughts headed your way. Thanks for all the updates. You are amazing.

Natalie (Bates) DeVore

Leserlee said...

I don't have a lot of style either. I'm pretty simple and classic when it comes to style, and not at all trendy, but here's a link for a friend of a friend that makes crocheted hats that are super cute. Sure, all the models are kids, but she does make them in big people sizes. Are they shaving all your hair, or one side, or what? Depending on where they shave, can you style your hair to hide the bald spot? Also, maybe you could use your own hair to make a hair piece, and just cut it shorter (for the part that doesn't get shaved) so it all matches. Oh, and scarves, maybe you could do some stuff with scarves too.

Camelot said...

my friend just got brain surgery and they shaved like a third of her head and they didnt really need to. She suggested that anyone who needs their head shaved to have something on paper(give it to your doctor) that says NOT TO SHAVE OFF MORE THAN WHAT THEY HAVE TO> and you can say cuz youre getting married and you need your hair! they should be pretty understanding about it... I can help you out with clip in extensions and if they dont shave it ALL then you might be able to pull something off without a hat and hide the spot... I would totally love to help, we dont have to do it at my salon if you dont want to. Let me know if youre interested or need help. I totally will jump in if you want:)

Jennifer said...

hey Tara, well I looked around on the internet and I thought that these hats were pretty cool, and I could see them working even if they just shaved off a bit of hair

I donno, they are kind of vintage-y, but I thought the idea might help...haha Im so glad you are doing well!

michelle said...

Hats, schmats...bald is beautiful; that's what they say, right? I say go for it chick. On you it would work perfectly. LOL

doodlekat said...

oh tara, you're so pretty and smiley who's ever gonna notice some missing hair?? but it's your wedding day : whatever you decide, you will look amazing! and i can't wait to see you :) love & hugs, bobbie

Sharon said...

Tara if there is any way I can help you with your your hair just have your mom call me I'll be there for you . There are all sorts of possibilities. Well I'll keep checking up on you, Yoi are all in our prayers. Much love.