Thursday, May 27, 2010

San Fran!

We made it! Barely! We had to pull the "my daughter has a brain tumor and has to get on that plane!" card! Mom was running through the airport trying to hurry us through security. Apparently Josh's granola bars presented a threat and needed to be run through the scanner again. Mom's pointy scissors however, fine! Josh made just about everything he stepped through beep and we now know that his belt does in fact contain metal! :) It was kinda comical. San Fran is beautiful and we were able to navigate to the Muir Woods. I just sat in the back of the rental car (we got an upgrade on that too because of our sob story!) and watched my mom and joshua try to figure out where to go! We were going south, then north, then south again! I just giggled the whole time. The forest was so beautiful and mom found me an awesome wheelchair so I didn't even have to walk! I was having trouble with strength and balance in my legs. Josh kept telling me to at least limp when we took pictures so I looked like I actually needed it. The forest was almost therapeutic and calmed me down and settled my nerves. The weather here is NOT LIKE MESA!!! It is raining outside not 100 degrees! I of course packed shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops . :) I think at least 30 people told me to remember a jacket and warm clothes. Apparently 20 minutes isn't long enough to pack for a week or this tumor is effecting my memory! We will have pictures of the forest up as soon as we can get to our camera.  Luckily, the weather yesterday was perfect.

We found a chili's for dinner and they had no idea what was coming! We were so hungry and ready for food. I think we may have set a national record for fastest time tanking plates of food. We sat down and told them what we wanted for our main meal before they had a chance to ask what we wanted to drink. They promptly brought our food and we had the plates ready for the dishwasher before he had a chance to refill our water. I honestly think we were in and out in 15 minutes! My seat didn't even have a chance to get warm! Schlappi's always mean business, especially when it comes to food!

As for today, we finished the first test and they told me I have beautiful blood! I was a good girl and let them poke me with all sorts of needles and was very brave! :) Then we met with a nice lady who gave us all the times and places we need to be tomorrow and walked us through the whole anesthesiology process. I think they took a little too much blood because as soon as I tried to stand up, I fell down. My legs just went completely limp and my whole body was just in a slump on the chair. I think I may have scared the lady a bit...she asked if we wanted to check into the hospital today. We decided we didn't want to start the red jello quite yet and we found my strength and got me out. Next test starts in about 15 minutes. No pain today! I think this next test is the brain mapping which could be interesting. I think they will put fluids in my brain to make the picture more clear and get good pictures for the doctor.

Well got to run,

Love ya lots

Tara, Josh & Mom


Jean said...

So glad you found the trees. One of my favorite spots--so refreshing and beautiful....

Kaylynn said...


I'm your dad's cousin. I actually met you at Justin's wedding in Temecula - although I did babysit you when you were little while your mom taught my sister and I piano lessons. You are such an inspiration! Good luck with everything this week. We live in Sacramento so we are only a few hours away. I wish we were closer to help, but if you need anything this week and if I can help your family at all - please know that we are here. In the mean time you are in our prayers.

Kaylynn Jibson

Mandy&Dave said...

Tara, thanks so much for the updates!! You have such a fun way of writing! We are all thinking of you and praying for you! Glad you escaped early admission to the hospital! Your wedding pictures are AMAZING!! You are so beautiful and you and Josh look so happy. He is a very lucky man! Glad you have him by your side for this. :) We'll be praying for you all over these next few days!

Love Mandy and Tami Miller + family