Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is the shirt the Cluff's gave me. It has my motto on it! :) and I am on a journey! I absolutely love it

Typical Settlers at the family can see rook going on in the backgound...two games of rook!

I just love Chol's face in this one and you can tell we start the kids learning young when it comes to Rook...we are serious about this card game!

For those of you who don't play rook...99% of the population... you have no idea what this means...for those of you who hand is the hand on the right and I am on defense...yes defense. Kenna is on offense and she took the bid. She called trump yellow...Toast-e-does! You're set and we hit 500! Game over! Ya Josh and I are still undefeated! I had to put this on so I could brag.

So this is today. I decided to shave my head after putting lotion on it earlier and feeling how good it felt to have lotion on it. I did not like the greasy hair feel with the lotion so we quickly came up with a solution...SHAVE IT ALL GONE! So I got home from church and Josh and I watched a few youtube vidoes about shaving your head...funnier than I thought :) We then began the process. It took us a long time because we wanted to be really careful with my precous head. This is after we had shaved it as much as we could with the clippers and I am keeping my head moist with the wet warm towel...this is to prevent razor burn. Ravor burn on your head does not sound like an alley I want to go down. So we soaked it and then moved on the the last and final step...

Lots of shaving cream! This was the funnest part. I am not ready for the white hair look I decided.

It was kinda hard to know how hard to push and we were all a little timid to do it so I kinda just dug in and started shaving. It got easier and Josh did the back and never cut me once!!!!

I just like this one because it shows my cool moles I never knew I had! I need to invest in sunscreen now! :) can still see the gray where hair had not fallen out yet on this side.

He did such a good job! I am so proud of him...he is so careful with my head and now there are many more bald spots for him to kiss...he had no idea I did this for the sole reason of getting more kisses! :) Love you Joshua!

I have to taste the bitter to know the good and baby this bitter don't taste too bad with you standing next to me! I don't know where I would be without you Joshua.
This man means the world to me and never ceases to tell me how beautiful I am.

Well tomorrow starts a new!
Dad will be here nice and early as expected...
6:30 will come sooner than 7:30 for a departure time.

That means goodnight for me.
My body needs all the sleep it can get!

Today I felt David near. Saturday was a hard good day for me. Hard to say goodbye to my number one cheerleader. Sometimes I can feel him so close just telling me that it will all be okay. No matter what day I will be in heaven again with David and I will be able to give him a big hug and we will both be...cancer free. Rest in peace David. You will never be forgotten.


Rachel Schlappi said...

hahaha i never even knew that was being taken. priceless.
also, you and josh are the cutest. really, these pictures make me melt.

christy said...

YEAH!!! I have missed you good to see you blog feels like it has been weeks since we heard from you? LOVE the pictures. You are so dang adorable Tara...and with Josh beside you...WOW. :o) I know you are probably asleep right now...have a great day tomorrow. Lots of HUGS sent your way.

Heidi said...

I like the completely bald look! It makes you look even more beautiful. You are so lucky to have Josh-- thank goodness for good men in this world!

Makay said...

WOW! You guys are so cute. And I like the new look!


Cami said...

Seriously You are Gorgeous! I love the picture of you looking down, your eye lashes are beautiful!

Susan said...

I grew up playing rook!

Your duet at the Funeral was fantastic and added a special spirit to the meeting. I know David was smiling and grateful.

You are adorable!

Natalie said...

Wow, Tara. Wow.

I love you. You are beautiful.

michelle said...

Hey Sparky, your head looks great! Remember, it's only hair and will grow back. You are so awesome. Josh as well. As much as he encourages you, remmeber to give him his props, (I'm sure you do). He is such a good guy. I'm glad you two have each other. Miss you and our chats. Lots of shocking news to catch you up on. We need to have lunch sometime soon. Denise is great at work. I really like her a lot and she is a great help. But she is still not you. I tell her funny stories about your sillyness all of the time. Miss ya bunches. Love ya. Misha

StaceyHemeyer said...

On you, Bald is definitely BEAUTIFUL! You look gorgeous! And I love hearing about Josh and your love for one another! You two are amazing!