Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well it is sad to say but my vacation/honeymoon that my family joined is officially over. We had an amazing week full of sun and no sharks. I am a freak when it comes to sharks and ask Josh I began squealing as soon as I felt it was deep enough for a shark to swim there. It doesn't really help that shark week was just a few weeks ago. Josh and Nate were "jelly-fished" but other than that we survived with no further damages. We stayed in the most amazing place. The Bakers grandparents opened their beach-side condo for us to enjoy. It was a dream come true. I woke up in the morning to see the beach and went to bed after watching the sunset over the water. I sure hope heaven has a beach... I also hope I am going to heaven! :) We just chilled the whole vacation and that never happens at a family gathering. We like to structure in games and activities and pack the days full and then block out a good 3 to 12 hours at night for games! I think Mom was a little disappointed with the number of games we played but she is now happily playing Rook with Chol, Trav and Kenna so I think she will be okay. I really would go on and on about our amazing get away but pictures will speak better. I only have Chol's pictures because Mom's camera is not here but I will have hers soon...I actually think that is where the beack pictures are. Regardless, here are a few pictures that we have taken the past few weeks.

So now I am sure that all the pictures are on Mom's camera. I just thought this was cool. How often do you really see the mother duck and all her chicks? I see the signs...but never the ducks. We got so close to them.
I went to bed after watching this sunset. This was taken from the window...Amazing right?
It isn't a party without this STUD!!
Outdoor musical...this may just be record that Josh willingly and happily went to a musical with us and pretended to like it! Love you
Steph was the only one who actually looked tan...lucky girl
I really never get cold...I have not taken that jacket off ever...even when I sleep! I am a frozen mess all the time.
Chol and I are going to build our dream houses here...in the middle of no where...maybe they will be happy shacks instead
She is an organized unpacker...could you imagine if two people unpacked at the same time?
I found this fellow while talking on the phone to Joshua tonight
and realized that he/she explained all of this mess on the floor...eww

Well great to end the pictures on a nice clean note! :)

Last night I went to bed with a sweatshirt, heavy socks, a beanie, t-shirt, shorts, long pj pants, and gloves on. I was topped with three blankets and I turned chol's heat all the way up. I still woke up in a shiver...I kinda miss being warm. I was always always the warm one who always was sweating and hot...now I don't even have to wear deodorant because I physically cannot work up a sweat! ha. I was in walmart yesterday and was so cold that I had to go out to the truck in the middle of shopping and get a jacket. This cold stuff is so so weird. I have no idea what I am going to do when it is actually cold outside. I count it as another blessing that I live in Mesa and that I am going through this in the summer. People look at me funny because I shiver when sitting in the sunlight! We went to the mall today and the little boys had fun looking at me. I was impressed that they knew I was a girl! I was mistaked as a boy yesterday at my grandparents house. The little boy told all of his friends to come see the girl with no hair. I smiled at them all and gave them a wave. They all smiled and waved as if they had just seen an alien or a new zoo animal...hey at least I can make people smile. I am really glad that people looking at me doesn't bother me because if it did...I would be bothered all the time.

Well I am super tired and super excited to go home tomorrow...not to work or MRI but to see my Joshua. The MRI is always on the back of my mind though...I just want to know now! My patience is being tried right now.

Keep the prayers we have a big day ahead of us.

Tara Bodrero


Natalie said...

I seriously look forward to your posts, they make me so happy!! I have an MRI tomorrow again too!! Where are you getting yours??

The last one I got they put this weird helmet-mask thing on and I felt kind of cool. In a darth-vader way haha!

You are brave and a choice spirit of Heavenly Father. Everything will work out in accordance to His plan that He has hand-chosen for you; so don't fear. Regardless of what the news is, it's all part of something wonderful; even if we don't understand it completely yet, we will :) i love you and am here if you need any-any-anything!

Heidi said...

I am so glad you were able to go to Coronado and that you enjoyed your vacation. We are all still here and praying for you-- hang in there!!

r&k skousen said...

So great to hear. We are very happy for you. Sounds like your little vacation was amazing!!! The Skousen's