Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lunch Time and Random Thoughts

So usually I don't take a lunch break and I just work through lunch. More hours = more money right! Ya but no lunch break can also = insanity so today I decided to take a break from the printing, binding, investment updates, and yahoo finance to come to my happy place. Yes, my blog is one of my happy places! I feel better now.

As you have recently learned I am now a baldy and my hair is all gone. Major pros and minor cons. Major pros include. LOTION on my head! Scratching my head, ablilty to wear scarfs and hats, no more hair is falling out, and most important...Josh kisses my head more and it feels cool cause everything is cold when it touches my bare head. Minor con is that since I can no scratch it I have dead skin everywhere! I just can't win with this making a mess with my head buisness! First it is blood in the hair that won't come out then it is long hair that won't stop falling out and tickling my arms...girls you know how that is...and then the short hair started falling so fast that i noticed short little hairs everywhere and now...and hopefully finally...there is dead skin everywhere. Now this one is my own fault and I can control it but it is still rather annoying because it feels so good to just give my head a good itch! :)

I am still cold all the time. I am sitting here and I am pretty sure it is 150 outside and of course we don't keep the air too cool here but for some reason I still can't function without the heater directed straight at my legs or my blanket on. I keep my head covered to try to keep me warm but I still get so cold. It is crazy...I was always the one who wanted it to be cold and my hands were never cold. Now they literally freeze to the point that I cannot move them!

Another random thought. We are living in the Gulbrandson home. It is a beautful home probably 6,000 sq. feet and fully furnitshed. At first I was like "cool a huge house all to ourselves" now I have realized...not cool! That is a lot of vacumming and mopping! The bigger it is, the more space you have to clean. I do not envy people with big homes...that's just too much work. Now it is nice that Josh and I do not need the four extra bedrooms so we keep them closed and I don't have to vacumm in there and we also rarely use the second set of stairs so that cuts out a lot of work. Really all I have to clean is the two rooms we actually use! To tell you the truth I have not even attempted to mop. I just hand mop little areas that need it... horrible I know but that's about all I have energy for.

Speaking of energy... I am doing tons better. I feel less tired everyday...if i get enough sleep...and I am able to stay awake better. come 10 PM I am ready to crash no doubt and I am still constantly ready for a good nap but I am not so tired that I feel like I can't move anymore. It is an amazing feeling. I almost forgot what it was like to not be dead tired.

Well looks like my break may be almost over. Wish me luck with learning all this stuff I don't understand.

California next week! The whole family will be there! Ryan is taking a day off so he can come which is rather exciting news. My mom wanted to come to the doctor last week because she had questionS that she wanted to ask the doctor and the one and only thing she asked him was if I could boggie board... She stole Josh's last day of taking me to ask the doctor if I could boggie she is really serious about this business.

I bet you twenty bucks she busts out the wet suits...just in case it is cold.

Nothing can get in the way of Becky boogie boarding...she is the boogie boarding queen...and we all enjoy watching her do it and watching her try to convince us to come out there with her.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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