Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am a little scared right now. I had a headache that woke me up and I had headaches all day yesterday. I have not had headaches since surgery and nothing that has woken me up. I hope the end of August brings good news and not the bad news that my mind wanders off to. I don't want to take medicine because I want to be able to tell the doctor exactly how they felt/feel and I want to be able to tell him how frequent but this hurts really bad.

Happy Sunday



nosynurse said...

I happened upon your blog one day. As a cancer survivor, every time you have a pain you will think back to the worst...Treat your aches and pains. You need to live your life and not let the pains overcome you. You will be able to describe your pains, etc. to the doctor. There is no need to suffer...medications would not be available if they were not needed. I think of you often and pray for you!!

Huish Family said...

Take care of yourself, sweetheart. You don't need to be tough - let the docs help you with the pain, especially as you embark on a well-deserved vacation. It is hard not to let your mind wander, but remember you also just went through some nice weeks of radiation and your brain just might not be a fan! Sades went through that too. You have an army of support around you, and a Father in Heaven who loves you and is aware of your worries and pains. We pray for your comfort, strength, and peace of mind.

All our love,
The Huish's

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray!!!!!

Natalie said...

I have been getting headaches a lot lately. And tremors. Blood tests this week. Boo.

You are amazing and honestly my strength, Tara.

Alexa Mae said...

oh girl, you are so strong and brave. i admire you tons. i hope everything is okay! praying for you!