Saturday, August 14, 2010

four down

four teacher have replied and given Josh the okay to go to California and miss the first day of teacher left! Our chances are looking really good. I keep having random headaches that come and go in different areas. I hope it is just my brain unswelling... WE will find out more at the end of this month. I am rather scared for the MRI. I don't want anything showing up. I will just keep praying I guess. Today is yard work day for Joshua. He is helping his dad. I did my part yesterday so now I just get to check on the siblings and clean the house and pack for the next 18 days. The gulbrandsons are coming into town so we have to get out of the house and we are going to california. At least all we really need for California is a swim suit and a part of shorts. That will be easy. My hair is starting to grow back...well the part that didn't fall out. All the hair that never fell out that I shaved it growing back so I am starting to look funny again. I think I will just shave it again tonight and do that until it all starts growing in. They said it could take until christmas

Short and Sweet for today!

Have a grand Saturday!



Mike Jones said...

Hi Tara, Mike Jones here. I married your cousin Angela. We've been following your story from afar and are glad things have worked out. Angela said you all were working on getting the ok to miss the first day of class at ASU.

I've been teaching at BYU for 9 great years so far. I just wanted to chime in and say even if you don't hear back from the last one at you should go anyway. The first day of class is usually pretty content-free because the professor knows that some people are going to add and drop during the first week anyway.

Anyway, just my two cents. It sounds like you all are very dillligent about class and school so for students like that, missing the first day is almost never an issue.

Rachel Schlappi said...