Monday, August 16, 2010


This is Becky.

We leave tomorrow for our vacation!  Yippee!  Then I go to Utah with Rachel for a week so I'm gone the rest of the month.

We are so blessed.  Last night Tara & Josh were over here and Tara acted totally normal!  She played ROOK, ate lots at dinner; and was just herself again.  I sure love those moments.  Josh and Tara are just so happy together and it is fun to watch them.

Tara has an infusion tomorrow (clinical trial) and hopefully a little chat with our doc which I am hoping will be to encourage Tara to TAKE Tylenol if her head aches.  I think her head is bothering her because of the after effects of radiation (delayed effect) and her brain may be swelling.  I don't think it's anything to worry too much about - it's all part of the deal.  She said she feels "fine" today - don't always know if that's the truth or not.  Then we leave after the infusion and the doctor chat.

I still am so touched by so many.  For some odd reason today 2 strong young thoughtful boys showed up in our front yard and started finding yardwork to do.  Why anyone would want to do that in August at 1:00 in the day in Mesa is beyond me; but I am touched.  This is after our own children actually mowed and weedwhacked last Saturday.  I insisted that our kids can do the yard now; but these boys told me to tell them to "take a day off."  So, these boys are still finding plenty of yardwork to do.  They head off to college soon and wanted to help before they left.  The front yard looks sharp now and we can go out of town and relax about the yardwork.  People are still praying for us, smiling at us, and wanting to help in any way they can.  This is a long battle and I just can't believe how kind everyone is.

We are happy today - excited for this week.  I am taking Deanna Wayne's advice and taking this day by day and we are going to definitely enjoy this week!  We have to!

Tara's brown eyes are quite attractive - they always have been; but now with no hair, her eyes are even more pronounced.  My children get tired of me "looking" at them - you mothers know how it is.  Many times it's enough just to lay your eyes on your children and watch them.  I try to memorize these moments.


christy said...

Adios Schlappi's!!! Have a wonderful time together as family...I saw a quote on the wall that has become my favorite....The background says in large letters.."FAMILY"...then on top of that word is the saying, "the best things in life aren't things." Love it!!! HUGS.

Avon said...

Have fun guys!!!!!!