Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I found a hair

So a few dinners ago I found a nice hair in my food. I picked up, smiled, and said...this ain't mine! Dad laughed and everyone looked confused until they saw that it was a long brown hair...that means, it is not mine! With my new haircut I never have hairs tickling my arms or hanging out on the back of my shirt. With my short hair, the shampoo bottle has remained at half full for about a month. It is funny to walk around new places. We were in the mall the other day and Josh said, "Tara everyone looks at you when we walk by". I didn't believe him until I started watching everyone. I realized that they were looking. I hope they all just got a good look at my beautiful scar. I have to show off the artistry of Dr. Berger, I know he would be proud of his work. I don't even care about my hair anymore all I care about is getting better. Sure I miss it, especially when I see my sister do her hair all cute and wear headbands but hey I can do things she can't do like stick suction cups to my head! Brig was shooting the Nerf gun the other day and we thought it would be cool to try to stick the suction cup to my head. It of course worked and remained there for at least an hour! Brig thought I was pretty cool. Chol took a picture and maybe we will share it later. We do lots of cool stuff with my bald head.

Today is infusion day...ewww! I had a rush blood order yesterday and they were nicer than last week but it still hurts. As far as the headaches go the doctors told me to stop being a tuff guy and take my meds. Fine fine okay I will do it. So I have my meds now and I keep them close. After googling we found that headaches are very common after radiation...I am still carrying the radiation with me. They told me I would for a while. I am like a walking microwave.

Well California here we come!


Natalie said...

Bahahah this made me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!

I don't know how you do the blood test thing all the time it was so awful. Not even that it hurt, it just made me feel so sick to my stomach bleh. Welp. Blood-sucking down, two MRI's to go. You are such a champ, I don't even know how you do it.

Jori said...

Tara, I just love reading your blog. I never got to know you very well in highschool, but I just want you to know how inspiring you are to me. I don't know what else to say. I am so motivated by you. Thanks for being such an awesome example! You are wonderful!!